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by:Power Kingdom     2020-03-22
Battery is one of the battery. The role of the storage battery is to be able to keep the electricity co. , LTD. , used in the right place. The working principle of storage battery is to convert chemical energy into electricity. To different connection of battery capacity, performance, and manufacturers of different battery cannot be used together is the actual capacity of the same battery or battery series reagent can use the actual voltage the same battery or battery pack can use batteries in parallel connection and elicit please use wire connection must be cut off power supply, otherwise you will have to get an electric shock even the danger of explosion is the cathode may not meet or short circuit, or you will make the battery severely damaged, even an explosion closely linked screw part, prevent spark; If contact oxidation, usable and soda water to clean the battery of new installation should be 72 hours before using floating charge make internal battery power equilibrium, can test or use battery types and purposes of the application of the battery is very broad, can be used in UPS, electric cars, scooters, cars, wind and solar energy systems, safety alarm, etc. Lead-acid battery product mainly has the following several, its utility distribution is as follows: starting type battery: mainly used in automobile, motorcycle, tractor, diesel engine such as starting and lighting; Fixed type battery: mainly used in communications, power plants, the computer system as a standby power supply protection, automatic control, Traction battery type: mainly used in all kinds of vehicles, forklifts, forklift battery power source; Railway battery: mainly used in railway diesel locomotive, electrical locomotive, passenger car starting, lighting power; Energy storage battery: it is mainly used for power generation such as wind and solar energy electricity can be stored
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