The technology and advantages and disadvantages of the three major lead-acid batteries

by:Power Kingdom     2021-06-20
Label: Lead-acid battery is a typical secondary battery. Its open circuit voltage is about 2V. After the discharge is completed, the internal active material can be reactivated and stored by an external voltage. It can be reused after charging. The service life is about 200~ 400 cycles. Lead-acid batteries have the advantages of stable voltage, good safety, low price, and high recycling rate. They are the world's largest production and most versatile battery. According to the difference in battery structure, production process and performance, lead-acid batteries can be divided into the following three categories: traditional flooded lead-acid batteries, dry-charged lead-acid batteries, and maintenance-free lead-acid batteries. The process and advantages and disadvantages of the three major lead-acid batteries are introduced below: Classification and subdivision structure Process characteristics Advantages and disadvantages Liquid-rich open type, liquid-rich structure mature technology, low price, low specific energy, short life, cumbersome maintenance, dry load active lead paste It is not easy to be oxidized and can be stored for a long time. It is easy to use and has low energy. Maintenance-free valve-controlled valve-controlled seal design, lead-calcium alloy plate, lean liquid structure, easy to use, safe and stable, poor high temperature resistance, higher cost, colloidal gel electrolyte replaces electrolysis Good liquid stability, long life, high process requirements, high cost
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