The structure and features of valve control type sealed lead acid battery -Shenzhen Power Kingdom Co., Ltd.

by:Power Kingdom     2020-02-29
Valve control type sealed lead acid battery ( VRLA ) Is by the positive and negative plate, superfine glass fiber separator, the electrolyte, the relief, the conductive terminals and shell cover, housing, etc. Positive and negative plate is the area of electrochemical reaction, on the plate grid coat lead paste form after curing, into a process. Positive plate effective components of lead dioxide, negative plate effective components in spongy lead. Partition for the porosity of super fine glass fiber. The relief valve is a kind of exhaust system, keep the battery air tightness and release excess gas liquid tightness, and keep the battery internal pressure within the best security. Battery terminals connected to the load have the effect of conduction current, battery tank and the shell is composed of flame retardant materials. In the process of charging, the battery anode reaction approximation for the reduction reaction, so negative, also known as the cathode. Accumulator battery cathode active material relative to the anode has a surplus, superfine diaphragm permeability is good, can absorb all the electrolyte, the electrolyte in the battery internal liquidity, automatic safety valve opening and closing again at the same time, to ensure the anode produce oxygen, inside the battery is absorbed by the cathode in the form of circulation, which is called cathodic adsorption principle. Because the battery has a unique internal structure design, ensure the battery internal oxygen cycle composite effectively establish, in the traditional hydrogen and preventing flame-proof acid is improved on the basis of lead-acid battery, has become a kind of new products, and widely used in communication industry.
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