The scope of application of various types of batteries

by:Power Kingdom     2021-07-12

The scope of application of various types of batteries

According to the battery maintenance methods, there are ordinary, low-maintenance, and maintenance-free batteries. Starting batteries are mainly used for starting and Lighting, fixed storage batteries are suitable for communications, power plants, and computer software as backup power sources for maintenance and automatic control systems. Traction batteries are suitable for various power sources such as battery vehicles, forklifts, and forklifts. Railway batteries are suitable for railway diesel locomotives, electric locomotives, passenger cars and lighting fixtures. Motorcycle batteries are suitable for starting and lighting all kinds of motorcycles. Rechargeable batteries for coal mines are suitable for the power supply system of the traction belt of electric locomotives. Environmental protection and energy saving are suitable for storage batteries of electric locomotives. Energy storage batteries are mainly used for wind and hydroelectric power storage. The batteries maintain a certain level of electrolyte level. According to the requirements of use, the electrolyte level should be 10-15mm higher than the plate.

Four reasons for the destruction of lead-acid batteries:

①Dehydration ②Sulfide ③Unbalance ④Heat runaway (drum charging), the first 2 It accounts for 97% of the damage to rechargeable batteries on the sales market.

Key reasons for water loss in lead-acid batteries

The electrolyte in lead-acid batteries is as valuable as people’s blood. Once the battery electrolyte dissipates, the rechargeable battery will be scrapped. The electrolyte solution is composed of dilute hydrochloric acid and water. There is no way to prevent water shortage during the whole process of battery charging. The general three-stage battery charging method, the whole process of water injection damage is more than twice that of the intelligent single pulse method! In addition to the service life of rechargeable batteries, there is also a life damage: a single rechargeable battery damages water above 90 grams, and rechargeable battery waste. At room temperature (25°C), the general water loss flow of the charging head is about 0.25g, and the single pulse of intelligent battery charging is 0.12g. At high temperature (35℃), the universal charging head lacks water 0.5g, and the intelligent battery is charged with a single pulse of 0.23g. Click here to calculate, the general charging head has gone through 250 times of water injection and dry cycle system, and the new three-phase single pulse after 600 times of cycle system will charge and dry. Therefore, the intelligent single pulse can more than double the number of battery cycles.

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