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by:Power Kingdom     2020-08-28
Hui industry battery is realize dc uninterruptible power supply an important component part of, its investment and switch power supply equipment. Hui industry through communication power supply used batteries are mostly advanced valve control type sealed lead acid battery, the battery of each monomer voltage is 2 v, generally in the form of series of 48 v or 24 v system, it plays to protect communications facilities and guarantee the smooth running two big functions. On the security communication power supply equipment and facilities, Hui industry through battery with UPS, switch power supply systems play a mains grid voltage surge, waves, peak ( Fall) And transient, undervoltage ( Overpressure) Effect, effectively protect the communication equipment, prevent accidents stand down. On the security network running smoothly, Hui industry battery together with UPS, switch power supply system play a mains supply disruptions to maintain normal operation function of the system, but also play to filter out the noise voltage, keep the quality of communication function. Once the battery in communication base station installation operation, few years involving won't change, so to strengthen the maintenance of battery, improve its use, so as to effectively extend the service life of battery, has the vital significance. The battery in communication power supply of on-line detection of the unattended play an and lack of maintenance.
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