The role of batteries in UPS

by:Power Kingdom     2021-07-10

The role of the battery in the UPS

The battery is the energy storage device of the UPS. When the working voltage is all normal for the power supply and distribution system, according to the principle of battery charging and switching power supply, the power of the working voltage is turned into mechanical energy preservation; when the working voltage is interrupted in the power supply and distribution system, the chemical energy power is turned into electrical energy and released Maintain UPS uninterrupted power supply.

Battery selection

The battery selected by UPS should pay attention to the characteristics of high-current and short-term mechanical kinetic energy output. There are three common types of batteries, all of which are lead-acid batteries. Their specifications are HS (paste-type high-efficiency lead batteries), CS (covered lead batteries) and M (sealed lead-acid batteries). These are the most common, while sealed lead Acid batteries are the most commonly used. The electrolyte of the sealed lead-acid battery is basically stable and has no loss. This is because the sealed lead-acid battery adopts an excellent negative-stage heat absorption pump sealing technology. For this professional use, the interval of adding distilled water can be increased to five years to ensure the tightness of the safety factor of the rechargeable battery and reliable work. The charging current of the rechargeable battery must not exceed the allowable high current of the rechargeable battery. The UPS charging plug is divided into the DC power battery charging method, that is, the battery charging method is used in the initial charging stage. After the battery is charged for a certain period of time, it is changed to DC battery charging, that is, floating battery charging.

1. In the process of transportation and installation of rechargeable batteries, due to the wet charge of the battery pack, try to transport and prevent short-circuit failure.

2. Due to the high operating frequency of battery components, there is a risk of high-voltage tower impact, and there is a danger of electric shock. Therefore, insulating tools should be used when loading and unloading the conductive connecting piece, and wearing when installing or carrying the battery Insulating gloves, aprons and protective glasses. During the transportation and installation of the battery, only use a soft sling, not a steel wire rope, etc., and do not touch the pole and safety exhaust valve during transportation;

3. The connection or connection bar may cause a fire in the rechargeable battery. Therefore, the connection must be removed at the joint and the connection screw must be tightened to ensure the torque. A rechargeable battery is connected by stainless steel plates or lead-plated floor screws, lead copper tapes and flat washers.

4. The connection between the rechargeable battery, the connection between the battery and the connection between the battery and the DC screen should be reasonable and convenient. Before installing the tail connector and the rechargeable battery system, perform a cardiac check on the total operating frequency and positive and negative levels of the rechargeable battery system to ensure correct installation;

5. Battery and charging plug or When the load is connected, the principle switch of the switching power supply should be in the off position and ensure the correct connection; the positive connection between the battery and the charging plug; 6. The rechargeable battery can be stored in the geographical environment of 0c-35c before installation in. Rechargeable batteries with a storage period of more than 6 months should be repaired and maintained. The storage location should be dry, clean and air flowing

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