The relationship between battery charging and life

by:Power Kingdom     2021-07-14

The maintenance of    valve-regulated lead-acid batteries requires the establishment and implementation of an accurate charging system to achieve the best performance and the longest service life of the battery. A large number of studies at home and abroad show that the battery can achieve the best performance and the longest service life. The charging method determines the life of the battery. Some batteries are not damaged to a high degree, but they are improperly charged. In this convenient situation, many domestic battery manufacturers and research institutions or schools have done similar experiments. For example, in a unit, the battery is divided into two groups for experimentation, one group adopts ordinary constant voltage current limiting method for full capacity life test, and the other group adopts hierarchical constant current charging method to control the charging capacity.

In the later stage of charging, a short-term mid-current impact method was used to test the capacity cycle life. The results show that the cycle life of the two groups of batteries is very different due to the different charging methods, and the cycle life of the batteries using the segmented constant current charging method is longer than that of the other two groups of batteries. It can be seen that the constant voltage current limiting charging method is currently the most widely used charging method, especially in the later stage of charging. Since the currently used rectifiers, especially switching power supplies, do not have constant current characteristics, there are still certain difficulties in adopting the secondary charging method, and further discussion is needed.

   In addition, some scientific research departments are exploring the use of pulse charging to charge valve-controlled batteries. The main process is to divide the pulse charge into one or more phases, and each phase has multiple pulse periods. What if the whole process is charged for 10 minutes? Stop charging for three minutes? Put 3s? In 1.75 minutes, the final stage is to charge for 15 minutes, let it stand still for several hours, so as to make the electrolyte temperature and so on. It is said that this method is ideal and can eliminate sulfation. Contact: 18038382979


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