The reason why the life of lead-acid battery is affected

by:Power Kingdom     2021-07-12

The reason why the life of lead-acid batteries is affected:

1) Lead-acid batteries have strict requirements on battery chargers when the operating temperature changes. Because the previous battery charger equipment has flaws in its design, which jeopardizes battery life.

(2) After the lead-acid battery is charged and discharged, because the original battery charger is not easy to use, the customer cannot charge it immediately, and the battery life is greatly reduced.

The research results show that the entire charging process of the battery has a greater impact on the number of cycles of the battery, and less harm to the entire charging and discharging process of the battery. In other words, the vast majority of batteries are good for use, but for charging. Therefore, care must be taken in the application of the entire process. Lead-acid batteries are unlikely to exist in a long-term natural environment in a common environment. There is a temperature difference between morning, middle and night in a day, and the temperature difference in spring, summer, autumn and winter is also large within a year. Constant current source or constant current source battery charging cannot meet the strict technical standards that must be considered when charging lead-acid batteries. Look at the methods used to charge lead-acid batteries in the past, and the lead-acid battery chargers designed for this. It can be seen that it is not technical enough to use this commodity to charge lead-acid batteries and must immediately damage the life of lead-acid batteries. In addition, this kind of charging head has problems such as narrow working frequency, large volume, low efficiency, and poor safety. The design scheme of the battery charger is not perfect and the application is inconvenient.

Lead-acid batteries cannot be charged immediately after charging and discharging, especially over-discharge, which is very fatal to the battery.

The number of manufacturers with poor quality and fake and inferior quality is very small.

Technical requirements for battery charging:

The performance index of the lead-acid battery produced by the manufacturer is 25℃. When the working temperature is fixed, the battery charging working voltage is 100mv higher than the specified working voltage, and the current will be expanded many times. Therefore, the rechargeable battery will not be able to control heat and overcharge damage. When the battery charging working voltage is lower than the specified working voltage 100mv, the battery is undercharged and the battery is damaged. In addition, the capacity of the lead-acid battery is also related to temperature. After the manufacturer sets the short-circuit capacity of the lead-acid battery, it is estimated that it will be charged immediately after 25% of the release in winter.

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