The rapid development of maintenance-free lead-acid batteries

by:Power Kingdom     2021-04-21
The fast charging technology of maintenance-free lead-acid batteries is developed on the basis of conventional charging technology. No matter what charging system is used for charging, the flow process of lead-acid battery charging must comply with the bipolar sulfation theory.   The electrode polarization of the battery can be eliminated by adding a discharge pulse at the right time during the charging process. Therefore, to realize fast charging, various controls are required. The control features are:    (1) Multivariable-such as controlling the temperature in the battery, the size of the charging current, the charging interval time, and the setting of the depolarization pulse Wait.   (2) Non-linearity-the charging current should gradually decrease with the progress of charging, otherwise, it will cause an increase in outgassing and temperature rise.   (3) Discreteness-with the difference in the discharge state, use and storage history of the battery, even the same type of battery with the same capacity will have different charging conditions.   We use this system to perform a quick charge test on a 24V12AH maintenance-free lead-acid battery pack. First, discharge at 1 ampere, and the final discharge voltage is 20V. The charging current is 8A (0.66C). After 50 minutes of charging, the battery terminal voltage reaches 24.5V. After charging to about 40 minutes, the depolarization cycle is gradually shortened, and the charging current drops to 6.2A. After 2 hours and 10 minutes, Charging ends automatically, the end voltage of the battery pack is 28.8V, and the test battery pack terminal voltage is 27.6V after 5 minutes. The temperature rise of the shell is 15.6℃.
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