The price war of lead-acid batteries

by:Power Kingdom     2021-04-23
Domestic price wars are fierce, especially affected by the domestic economic downturn and weak demand. This year's price wars are everywhere, home appliance price wars, e-commerce price wars, auto price wars...Price wars have intensified the industry reshuffle. The price war in the lead-acid battery industry is far more serious than we thought! !   Due to the sluggish consumption, the lead-acid battery industry has fought a price war and increased sales promotion efforts. Taking a 48V12AH battery as an example, the current domestic market price: the first-line brand Chaowei battery and Tianneng battery are about 380 yuan each, and the second-line brand is between 350 and 360 yuan. The overall price of electric vehicle batteries has dropped by about 15% from the beginning of the year. So far, SMEs have become unprofitable and have fallen into business at a loss.  Rational price reduction is a market behavior, while a price war is a disorderly competition that is not conducive to the development of the industry and the market. The lead-acid battery price war is a life-and-death battle without gunpowder. Who can benefit from it?   For consumers, the price war brings not only low prices, but also low quality and low service. This year, an unhealthy trend of 'recharging good quality' and 'refurbishing' lead-acid power batteries in the market has swept the entire industry, leading to chaos of 'hidden rules' of quality problems.   Some people say that large companies are trying to destroy small and medium-sized enterprises through price wars, and then seize shares and monopolize the market.   However, there is no winner in the price war. For large companies, price wars are like the 'seven wounds' in martial arts novels, killing one thousand enemies and hurting one hundred. The result of using it to the extreme is that there is a monopoly, and there is no benefit of a monopoly. In addition, if they cannot take the initiative to improve product quality and after-sales service, it is difficult for companies to go further.  Small and medium-sized enterprises in the price war were forced to respond. They wanted to cry without tears, and the atmosphere of price reduction was pervasive. Small and medium-sized enterprises either suffered a loss or supported it, or just fell. In the future, domestic lead battery companies will be integrated to about 300, and more small and medium-sized enterprises will be eliminated.   Entering the fourth quarter, the price war will not stop, or will continue to escalate, and the life of lead battery companies will be even more difficult. SMM believes that the price war shows that the current lead-acid battery market is still chaotic, and the industry is still in a period of barbaric growth. In addition to prices, companies should also work hard on product quality, after-sales service, and new product development.
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