The poor fluid type valve control three structural characteristics - of the battery-Shenzhen Power Kingdom Co., Ltd.

by:Power Kingdom     2020-03-19
( 1) Barren solution type valve-controlled battery electrolyte are all diaphragm plate holes and adsorption, do no flow inside the battery electrolyte, around 2% of the diaphragm in the left space ( The big hole) As oxygen to diffuse from the positive to the negative terminal channel, make the battery in the use of the initial set up immediately oxygen cycle, so no oxyhydrogen gas escaping through the exhaust valve. Early and gel type battery and generally rich liquid type batteries are similar, there is no oxygen cycle, with hydrogen gas escape, ventilation measures must be taken into account at this time. ( 2) Barren solution type valve-controlled battery ultra-fine glass fiber membrane, aperture is bigger, at the same time compression of the diaphragm assembly, and ion conductive path is short, small resistance, make the battery internal resistance is low. The gel battery when mixed silicon sol and sulphuric acid, electrolyte conductivity, resistance increases, so the poor fluid type valve control large current discharge of the battery. Characteristic is better than that of gel battery. 。 Some factory on the basis of barren solution type valve-controlled battery, with composite lining of the AGM. The diaphragm material to add a small amount of hydrophobic fiber, PE electrolyte can be higher than the top plate. Battery with acid after water-repellent PE fibers form a continuous film as oxygen diffusion channel, provides the oxygen recombination reaction good conditions, so as to prolong the service life of the battery. 。 ( 3) Barren solution type battery electrolyte uniformity and diffusivity is better than that of gel type battery. 。 Barren solution type valve-controlled battery use requirement is: barren solution type battery manufacturing requirements of monomer polar group of consistency, pouring acid density, reliability, etc. Because the battery life has close relationship with the environment temperature, so the required battery room with good ventilation facilities. At the same time, the poor fluid type valve-controlled battery charging quality is higher, should configure function is perfect, the charging device with excellent performance.
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