The performance characteristics of industrial frequency UPS power supply

by:Power Kingdom     2021-06-17

 full digital control technology

   industrial frequency machine single input single output UPS has broken through the technical bottleneck of the UPS industry and replaced the traditional analog circuit with an advanced digital circuit system. In the digital circuit mode, high-speed microcontrollers and programmable logic devices have more complete circuit control, parameter setting and operation management, and the self-check and self-detection functions are more powerful. The whole sampling technology is not only conducive to self-check and fault analysis of all independent circuit connections on the circuit board, but also can be digitally converted into a pure and stable sine wave voltage to ensure ultra-stable operation of the system.

  ◆Battery intelligent management, durable and worry-free

  MD series introduces an advanced intelligent battery management system, which can automatically adjust the battery charging current parameters according to the user’s battery configuration. The power supply environment performs equal charge and float charge conversion, temperature compensation charge and discharge management for the battery. In addition, the MD series can also detect and manage the battery running status through the monitoring interface to ensure battery operation. The intelligent battery management system not only reduces the burden on the administrator, but also prolongs the battery life by more than 55%.

  ◆Intelligent detection system guards the whole process

   The microprocessor of the system continuously monitors all power supply status, circuit breaker status, fuse status and all circuit working status Online detection. In the event of a failure, the detection system will immediately alarm and notify the administrator, and synchronously activate the comprehensive protection function of the UPS.

  ◆Parallel redundancy

   adopts full digital control technology to realize the parallel redundancy function of multiple UPSs.

   Advanced schedule management software UPS comes with schedule management software, users can self-program to implement flexible timing on/off, battery charging and discharging, and equalized floating charging functions, making it more convenient for users to use and manage UPS .

  Advanced schedule management software

   High-precision SMD technology MD series has changed the traditional plug-in circuit processing technology, all adopt high-precision SMD technology, which saves space and completely eliminates the traditional The foot spurs in the UPS circuit are convenient to improve the safe operation of the integrated circuit, and at the same time improve the reliability and operation accuracy.

  High-precision SMD technology

   uses 4-layer circuit board design and high-precision SMD components to completely eliminate the interference of various high-frequency signals generated by the chip itself on other chips, thereby allowing Each chip module can work normally without interference, and the anti-interference ability is greatly improved.

  MD series fully adopts SMD technology, high temperature resistance, high accuracy, good filtering performance, the performance of the whole machine is more stable, more durable, and the service life is increased by 80%.

   The sixth-generation IGBT inverter technology IGBT has good high-speed switching characteristics, high-voltage and high-current working characteristics, and uses voltage-type drive, requiring only a small control power; the sixth-generation IGBT has more With low saturation voltage drop, the inverter has higher working efficiency, lower temperature rise and higher reliability.

  The sixth-generation IGBT inverter technology

  LCD processing technology ◆With voice alarm function.

  LCD processing technology

  ◆Humanized large-screen LCD display in Chinese and English, intuitive display of flow chart operation status, touch button of smart icon, table format data information, event record display , Chinese and English optional menu operation.

  ◆Intuitive LED status indication: Work flow-style status indication, clear at a glance.

  The key technology of environmental protection and energy saving has been evaluated by scientific life cycle. The MD series adopts the touch screen panel with excellent anti-aging performance and the appearance of the case treated by fluorocarbon process, which is environmentally friendly and durable, as long as new; adopts detachable Disassembled modular design, easy to maintain and highly resource-saving; adopts new bearing fan, excellent heat dissipation performance, high energy saving; adopts non-circulating current control circuit, good power-saving performance; adopts green rectification and inverter technology to provide users with clean energy ; Using advanced digital circuits and high-precision patch technology, the life of the whole machine has been extended by 80% year-on-year.

  Environmental protection and energy saving key technology

  Other performance advantagesExcellent load characteristics

  Other performance advantages

  Meet 0 to 100% The load jumps without switching to the bypass, and the protection output is stable and reliable.

  ◆Perfect protection function

   has excellent input and output over-voltage protection, input surge protection, battery overcharge and over-discharge protection, output overload short-circuit protection, over-temperature protection Various system protection and alarm functions.

  ◆High-performance dynamic characteristics

   uses instantaneous control mode and effective value and other feedback control to achieve high dynamic adjustment and reduce output voltage distortion.

  ◆Optional input harmonic filter

   effectively suppresses the input harmonic pollution, improves the UPS input power factor, and reduces the input harmonic current.

  ◆Optional battery inspection module

   can measure individual parameters and display them on the display panel. If there is a battery failure, immediately call the police and notify the administrator.

  ◆Personalized settings

   The working status of the UPS power supply can be set according to the user's power requirements. The user can select the UPS working mode, ECO energy-saving working mode, and EPS working mode.

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