The operation of the lead-acid battery maintenance - without maintenance-Power Kingdom

by:Power Kingdom     2020-08-28
Maintenance-free lead-acid battery automatic control and protection, the realization of automatic monitoring battery terminal voltage, charge and discharge current, and control the storage battery charging and floating; According to different models and types of storage battery set of different typical charging curve. Manufacturers in the equipment factory production, output of charger float charging pressure, charging pressure and charging pressure set point is low, far cannot meet the operation requirements of batteries, battery caused by long-term owe charging. Installation within two years after the maintenance personnel not to check the battery charge and discharge, don't know whether the operation of the battery is good, don't know in case of long-term owe charging battery. The wrong thought, maintenance-free battery pool need not maintenance management. Operators do not know enough about the performance of the battery and charging equipment, not to the correct monitoring of operation condition of the battery, don't think maintenance-free battery normal test maintenance blindly, and maintenance-free battery charged and high frequency equipment operation maintenance. Maintenance-free lead-acid battery for continuous float charging application design, also can be used to used to charge and discharge cycles. Charging methods must use current limiting & ndash; Constant pressure method. Battery at constant voltage charging current gradually decreases, and finally tends to be stable, if the drop to zero. 01 c10 below and keep 3 & ndash; 5 hours at constant basic indicating that the battery has already basic charge, can turn floating operation. Charger can according to set operation parameters according to in advance, maintenance-free lead-acid battery automatic completion of constant current, constant voltage charging battery charging and float charging process.
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