The main reason for the premature scrapping of maintenance-free batteries in base stations

by:Power Kingdom     2021-06-17
Label: Good quality maintenance-free batteries will gradually decrease in capacity after being used in base stations for 1-4 years under normal conditions. However, some maintenance-free batteries in base stations will decrease very quickly after a short period of use, and their service life is also Short case. On the premise that there is no problem with the quality of the maintenance-free battery, the main factors that affect the lead-acid battery of the base station are: 1. The base station has a high and irregular power outage rate, and the power outage time is too long, so that the maintenance-free battery is not fully charged after discharge. Discharged again, the maintenance-free battery is undercharged and the power outage time is too long, which also causes the maintenance-free battery to over-discharge. If repeated undercharges and overdischarges occur continuously, it will cause a cumulative loss of maintenance-free battery capacity, and the battery capacity of the base station will decrease in a relatively short period of time, and its service life will end sooner. 2. The setting parameters of the switching power supply are unreasonable, the base station maintenance-free battery undervoltage protection setting voltage is too low, and the reset voltage setting is too low, causing the maintenance-free battery to appear over-discharge or even deep over-discharge, on the other hand, it aggravates the sulfation of the battery negative plate , Is another main reason for the decrease of battery capacity and shortened service life. 3. The use environment of the base station is harsh. After the base station is out of power, the ambient temperature of the base station gradually rises due to the lack of air conditioning. Or, due to the failure of the air conditioner, the indoor temperature of the base station is too high, thereby reducing the service life of the maintenance-free battery. 4. After the base station is powered off, the maintenance-free battery is discharged to the end voltage, and the battery is not recharged in time, which will also cause the battery capacity to decrease and the service life to shorten.
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