The main components of the battery

by:Power Kingdom     2021-07-14

Maintenance-free lead-acid batteries are composed of positive plates, negative plates, separators and electrolyte, battery tanks and connecting strips (or lead parts), wiring terminals and exhaust valves.

1. The main components of the battery

The pole plate is the key component of the battery and is equivalent to the 'heart' of the battery. It is divided into a positive plate and a negative plate.

2. The effectiveness of the separator depends on the protection of the positive and negative plates, avoiding short-circuit failures, and can be called the third layer. As the medium of lithium battery electrolyte, it can digest and absorb a large amount of lithium battery electrolyte, and has the effect of external diffusion of positive ions. For sealed non-maintenance batteries, the baffle can also be used as a positive plate to allow carbon dioxide to reach the safe passage of the negative plate, so that the plate can successfully create an oxygen circulation system and reduce water damage. The key to barrier batteries is to choose very thin glass fibers.

3. The battery electrolyte is mainly composed of pure water and hydrochloric acid.

The key role of the electrolyte lies in two levels: one is to participate in the electrochemical reaction, which is one of the active materials of the battery; the other is to conduct electricity.

4. The safety valve is one of the core components of the lead-acid battery. It is located on the top of the battery and has four functions:

(1) Safety effect, that is, when the battery is internally used for When the valve working pressure is reached, open the valve to release the working pressure to avoid production

(2) sealing effect. When the working pressure of the valve in the bottle is lower than the working pressure of the valve, the valve is closed and the internal gas is prevented from leaking.

(3) Ensure the maintenance of all normal gas pressures of lead-acid batteries, promote the carbon dioxide compound in the batteries, and reduce water shortage.

(4) Explosion-proof effect, some valves are equipped with acid-resistant, alkali-resistant and explosion-proof discs. Like a loose battery.

In addition, the valve structure has many characteristics, mainly cap-shaped, umbrella-shaped, sheet-shaped and so on. It is common to manufacture a hat raft with simple structure, low repairability and good ductility.

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