The lead battery industry mainly has the following 4 problems:

by:Power Kingdom     2021-04-24
First, there are a large number of small and micro enterprises, and environmental protection facilities are backward. It is understood that most of the small and micro enterprises in the lead storage battery industry are assembly enterprises, with low technical difficulty and low capital threshold, insufficient investment in production equipment and environmental protection facilities, and an incomplete occupational health protection system. Some small family workshop-style assembling enterprises have incomplete licenses, and the product quality is not guaranteed, which seriously disrupts market order and pollution accidents occur from time to time.   The second is that a purely commercial plate production enterprise causes a lot of pollution. The production process of purely commercial plates must adopt the external chemical conversion process, and the amount of lead-containing wastewater generated is more than ten times that of the internal chemical conversion. In the process of packaging and circulation of commodity plates, a large number of lead-containing wastes such as packaging boxes and plastic bags are generated, which cannot be recycled through traditional recycling channels. Most companies can only incinerate them, causing the spread of lead pollution.   Third, most companies in the industry have relatively low levels of process technology and equipment. Most small companies have relatively weak battery production technology and equipment foundation, and still use open lead melting pots, open lead powder machines, open pasting machines, manual casting, manual powder feeding and external chemical conversion and other backward equipment and processes. Seriously endanger the health of workers and pollute the environment.  Fourth is environmental pollution caused by poor corporate management. In order to reduce production costs, most companies do not manage according to standards. In order to reduce production costs, they deliberately idle their internal environmental protection and occupational health protection facilities, resulting in environmental pollution and excessive blood lead of their employees.
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