The lead battery industry in our country development present situation and problem analysis-Power Kingdom

by:Power Kingdom     2020-08-22
In our country since 2011 lead battery industry, lead regeneration industry comprehensive regulation. Zhejiang, guangdong, henan and other provinces lead battery enterprises basically be rectified or shut down. But, there are still a few companies did not complete the rectification requirement is put into production or expanding, part is the rectification of enterprise scale is not big enough, the technical equipment level is not high, has such problems as excessive funnelled pollution control. The road is still long lead battery is corrected. Battery industry in China will be around & other; Shut down small businesses, eliminate backward production capacity, promote merger and reorganization, taking big liuzhou action & throughout; Objective to achieve transformation and upgrading. The author thought that the lead battery industry to achieve thorough transformation, must be out of a big pressure on small, circular economy development mode of road. Actively guide, specification development. Scientific planning lead battery capacity and enterprise layout, strict market access, and establish an illegal illegal lead battery benign exit mechanism; Strictly the & other; Three at the same time & throughout; System and the scale of production control, to achieve maximum scale of environmental benefits; Practically strengthen environmental supervision, establish environmental protection help package, head of the system, implement supervision and no gap. Continuous improve the level of production equipment and pollution control level. Should be in the enterprise management technology based on the existing production technology, environmental protection, to further improve the level of production automation and closed operation mode, gradually implement fully enclosed operation, the whole process of pollution control, and reduce pollution. Perfect the waste water collecting pipe, realize complete collection, complete plant waste water treatment. The enterprise ground flush water, wash water, clothes washing water and so on to collect all the data; Set up his first, including the roof rainwater collection system, the initial rainwater collection to the sewage treatment system for processing, to avoid heavy metals into the environment; In addition to the necessary green field, to maximize the full hardening, prevention of heavy metal pollution of soil and underground leakage; On the basis of the original plant wastewater treatment system, integrated drain outside the factory, build a concentrated wastewater pool ( Or emergency pool) , add a link of insurance. To further improve the organized and unorganized lead exhaust control level. Further study or imported the most advanced leaded gas filter with high efficiency, achieve lead dust treatment efficiency is above 99%; Around the plant grow not less than 50 meters wide growing broadleaf evergreen green belts, further shade and adsorption of lead pollutants emitted; A site for a surface (in the workplace Or ground) Type waste gas collection system, due to large, gravity sedimentation to the surface of the waste gas with lead to further recycling, processing and dust removal device, to ensure that waste lead in total collection, total control of pollutants. Establish and improve the lead battery industry recycling scrap metal recycling disposal system. Establish a lead battery capacity and total lead raw material supply and demand balance mechanism. In addition to the new capacity, no longer supply or high supply new lead material, reversed transmission enterprises to carry out the recycling work, fully implementing the perfection of the mechanism of old lead battery recycling margin, fundamentally eliminate the secondary pollution. To carry out the continuous force of cleaner production audit. Combining region lead capacity, volume and emission level, timely put forward the new clean production plan, raise the level of pollution prevention, to zero emissions. Establish and improve the employees' occupational disease prevention and control system and the surrounding area residents health and sampling control system, implement daily monitoring, strengthening the prevention and timely treatment.
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