The installation of valve-regulated sealed batteries uses Guangxi Battery Factory

by:Power Kingdom     2021-07-17

  The battery also runs for a long time in the floating charge state. The purpose is to keep the battery in a full state, but it cannot be overcharged. During normal operation of the valve-controlled sealed battery, the safety valve should not be opened and should not escape the acid mist.

  (2) The gate alloy and electrolyte density of valve-regulated sealed batteries are different from those of acid-proof and explosion-proof batteries, and their floating charge voltage is generally higher than that of acid-proof and explosion-proof batteries, while acid-proof and explosion-proof batteries The density gradient is smaller. Balance charging must be carried out regularly, so these two currents cannot work in parallel.

  (3) In order to make the electrolyte evenly absorbed in the diaphragm, valve-controlled sealed batteries should be placed according to the geometry of the electrode plate, so that the long plate is easy to lie down, and the short electrode The board is easy to stand.

  (4) In order to shorten the distance of oxygen ions from the positive electrode to the negative electrode, the AGM type valve-controlled sealed battery uses ultra-fine glass fiber with high liquid absorption rate as the separator. Therefore, the heat released by the sealed battery during operation should not be lost, and the heat dissipation of the battery should be fully considered during installation and operation. In order to keep the battery in a complete state and prolong the service life of the battery, the rectifier should adjust the floating charging voltage of the battery in real time according to changes in temperature.

  (5) The sealed battery controlled by the valve is basically unusable, but the problem of opening the valve and pouring distilled water can also be discussed when necessary.

  (6) Large-capacity batteries with a capacity of more than 1000Ah usually consist of several units in parallel, such as internal parallel or external parallel. From the point of view of operation and maintenance, external parallel connection should be used.

  (7) Since acid-proof and explosion-proof batteries have many advantages, they can still be considered when there is a battery room.

  (8) UPS backup battery and generator set start-up battery, the running state and ready state of the battery are included in centralized monitoring and management, and tracking monitoring is performed. Contact: 18038382979


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