The influence of cold and low temperature on maintenance-free lead-acid batteries

by:Power Kingdom     2021-06-19
Tags: The influence of cold and low temperature on maintenance-free lead-acid batteries Low temperature has a great influence on replenishing lead-acid batteries. So, what changes will the maintenance-free lead-acid batteries have under cold and low temperature conditions? The maintenance-free lead-acid battery also although the electrolyte is basically adsorbed on the glass fiber, although the impact caused by temperature changes is lower than that of the water supplement type, it is still influential. Its trend is that the capacity increases with the increase of temperature. Ambient temperature -20℃-10℃0℃5℃10℃20℃25℃30℃40℃45℃ Battery capacity 12V50%68%78%83%90%98%100%102%104%105% We can also use Formula calculation, assuming that t1 and t2 are the temperature of the electrolyte, k is the temperature coefficient of the capacity, Ct1 is the capacity (Ah) when the temperature is t1, and Ct2 is the capacity (Ah) when the temperature is t2. In the solar cell production standard, then the formula It is:  Ct1u003d Ct2/1+k(t1-t2). Generally, it is necessary to specify a temperature as the rated standard temperature. For example, it is specified that t1 is the actual temperature, and t2 is the standard temperature (generally 25 degrees Celsius). The negative plate is more sensitive to the influence of low temperature than the positive plate. When the electrolyte temperature decreases, the electrolyte viscosity Increased, the ions receive greater resistance, the diffusion capacity decreases, and the electrolyte resistance also increases, which increases the resistance of the electrochemical reaction, and part of the lead sulfate cannot be converted normally. The charge acceptance capacity decreases, resulting in a decrease in the capacity of the solar cell.
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