The influence factors of lead-acid batteries-Power Kingdom

by:Power Kingdom     2020-08-22
Divided into the following several factors affecting the reliability of the battery. A, the charger will effect the performance of the battery battery charger is a very important part of the battery charging condition has a great influence on the battery life. If the battery has been in constant pressure or & other Floating & throughout; Type electrical charging status, to maximize battery life. In fact the life of the battery charging status than simple storage state of much longer service life. Because the battery can delay the natural aging process of battery, so the equipment whether running or stopping status should be keep battery charging. Second, the battery temperature affect reliability generally best use lead-acid battery temperature is 20 degrees Celsius, the natural aging process of storage battery temperature has great influence. Detailed experimental data shows that whenever the temperature rise of 5 degrees Celsius, the battery life fell by 10%, so the design of the room should keep the battery using the environment around 20 degrees. The room is best can configure precision air conditioning. Three, battery ripple current effect the performance of the battery in an ideal world, in order to prolong the life of battery, battery should be made to maintain in & other; Floating & throughout; Charge or constant-voltage charging status. State, this state electricity charged battery can absorb small charger current, it is called & other; Floating & throughout; Or & other Self-discharge & throughout; Electric current. Despite their battery manufacturers recommended, some design load cell with some additional small current, called the ripple current. Ripple current when the battery is produced by the continuously to the inverter power supply, because according to the principle of conservation of energy, the inverter must have input dc to ac output is produced. Such batteries formed small influence, battery voltage, battery charging and discharging cycle reliability, battery is a single & other; Galvanic cell & throughout; Composition, each about 2 v battery voltage, battery together to form the battery voltage is higher, a 12 v battery is composed of six primary battery, 24 v battery is made up of 12 galvanic cell and so on. UPS batteries, each series of battery is charging. Galvanic cell performance slightly different will lead to some primary battery charging voltage is higher than other battery, this part of the battery will be aging ahead of time. As long as together a galvanic cell performance degradation, old man is the whole performance of the battery will also decline. Battery life and test results show that the number of primary battery series, battery voltage, the higher the aging faster.
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