The importance of lead-acid batteries in mobile telecommunication base stations

by:Power Kingdom     2021-06-26
Label: Lead-acid battery mobile telecommunications base station plays the role of voltage stabilization and continuous power supply. The operating voltage of the equipment of the base station operator is generally 48-54V. When the power supply is normal, the AC voltage is converted to 54V DC voltage power supply by the rectifier. When the lead-acid battery is in a charged state, when the city power fails, the lead-acid battery will supply power to the equipment. Generally, depending on the size of the electricity load and the capacity of the battery, the technician calculates that the battery can supply power for several hours or even dozens of hours of. Therefore, the lead-acid battery is a very important device to ensure the normal operation of the base station after the communication base station is powered off. Once the battery is stolen or malfunctions, it will cause the communication base station signal to be interrupted and cause very large economic losses. Therefore, maintenance and anti-theft measures must be taken.
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