The importance of energy storage technology in the power grid

by:Power Kingdom     2021-04-29
There is great instability between light and wind. The sun rises and sunsets in the former, and the wind is sometimes absent in the latter. The two will have a great impact on the grid. At this time, energy storage is mainly used to integrate wind power and photovoltaic power generation. It stores, saves the excess electric energy, and releases it when the power generation is insufficient. Through real-time charging and discharging, it can make up for the impact of wind power and photovoltaic power generation on the grid. Wind and light, two different natural phenomena, have essential similarities. Humans cannot control the time and time of the sun, sunset, and wind. Liu Hanmin, an engineer at the National Demonstration Base for Wind and Solar Storage and Transportation, sees the wind as invisible and intangible, but there are rules to follow in the course of the day. In order to maximize the use of solar energy, in the demonstration base, we have seen photovoltaic panels that follow the rotation of the sun. Compared with fixed photovoltaic panels, the annual power generation of such photovoltaic panels that track power generation has increased by about 18%. If the large power grid is compared to a big river, wind power and photovoltaics are two tributaries that merge into the big river. One tributary is choppy, turning the river to the sea, and one tributary is sometimes absent and fluctuates sharply. The downstream 'bridges' and 'ships' have been greatly destroyed, but the characteristics of electricity determine that the power generation side and the power consumption side must always maintain a balance, how much to use, that is, to ensure the balance and stability of the large power grid at all times. If two tributaries come to make trouble, how can we ensure that the water flow of the large river of the power grid is stable? At this time, the role of the power grid dispatching center cannot be underestimated. The Xinjiang Dispatching Center of the State Grid is the central brain of the entire Xinjiang power grid. The curves and numbers on the screen are confusing, but for dispatchers, these are related to the electricity consumption in every corner of Xinjiang and the wind power plants and wind power plants in Xinjiang. Stable operation of photovoltaic power plants. Cai Pengcheng, Director of the Regulation and Control Division of the Xinjiang Electric Power Dispatching Center of State Grid, said in an interview that more than 1/3 of the daily electricity consumption of our Xinjiang power grid comes from new energy generation, and the difficulty of management and control is also very large. Yes, because electricity consumption and power generation have to be balanced at any time and can be used at any time. At the same time, wind power and photovoltaics are also fluctuating drastically, and the load of the system is also changing at any time. Therefore, our dispatch system is required to predict the next time fluctuations of wind power and photovoltaics at the same time, and also to predict the fluctuations in the power consumption of everyone in our system. After the prediction is completed, we use water and thermal power to balance this. Kind of fluctuations to achieve this safe and stable operation of the entire system. In order to more accurately predict and use wind power and photovoltaic power, the monitoring system of the dispatch center has been connected to the data of all wind farms and photovoltaic power plants in Xinjiang. More than 10,000 wind turbines in more than 180 wind farms. In this system, we have received all the key data such as the power generation output of these 10,000 wind turbines and the local wind speed into this system. After accessing these data, we can now predict the real-time power of wind power, the forecast for the next 15 minutes, and the forecast for the next four hours, with the highest accuracy of 98%. Precise forecasting and dispatching of wind and light does not mean that wind and light can be on call, especially in Xinjiang, where wind energy resources are abundant, but there is not so much demand for electricity in the local area, and wind power can only be wasted in many cases. In 2016, China’s total wind curtailment amounted to more than 48 billion kilowatt-hours of electricity, which is equivalent to throwing away the electricity consumption of a large city for one year. The originally abandoned wind can also play a role. Kang Zhi, deputy manager of the Energy Conservation Service Company of Xinjiang Electric Power Research Institute of State Grid, said that this project is a clean energy heating dual-storage project that was put into operation in 2016. The so-called cold and heat dual storage is to provide people with cold in summer, and to heat everyone in winter. In winter, the air volume is especially large at night. We use electric boilers to convert this electric energy into heat and store this kind of large-scale energy around us. In this way, the water storage tank is used to heat up at night and provide heating to thousands of households during the day. The water storage capacity of each of this large-scale water storage tank can reach about 1,000 tons, and the designed heating area is 430,000 square meters. If the heating area of u200bu200ba household is calculated by 100 square meters, it is almost 4,300 households. The heating problem can be completely solved. Water storage tanks will play a role in the form of heat energy more than wind power. However, if wind power and photovoltaic power do not work at the same time at the peak of electricity consumption, will it cause serious power outages? While State Grid Corporation of China vigorously promotes clean energy, it will A bold idea was to store electricity in batteries for backup. In 2010, the State Grid Corporation of China turned this bold vision into reality, and built the world’s largest energy storage power station in the national wind-solar storage and transmission demonstration base, integrating 275,000-cell lithium iron phosphate batteries and large-scale batteries with different manufacturers’ functional capacities. Capacity flow battery.
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