The impact of maintenance-free batteries and maintenance methods

by:Power Kingdom     2021-06-12
Tags: The impact of maintenance-free batteries and maintenance methods Because maintenance-free lead-acid batteries have the advantages of stable capacity, easy installation, good discharge characteristics, and most importantly, maintenance-free, they are widely used in power systems. However, many users have found that after on-site use and analysis of the cause of battery failure, it is found that if the battery is not maintained at all, the valve-controlled battery will experience abnormal conditions such as severe capacity drop and seepage in the middle of its life, or even complete battery failure. Therefore, it is absolutely necessary to maintain and inspect the maintenance-free storage battery on time. So how should we maintain it? 1. Reasonable charging management system. Accurate charging system is the prerequisite to guarantee the excellent performance and operating life of the battery. Generally speaking, there are two charging methods for battery pack operation: one is the floating charging method; the other is the equalizing charging method. In order to prolong the service life of the battery, the battery should be charged regularly or when necessary, and the load should be turned on to discharge the battery on a regular basis. Put an end to the unreasonable charging management system that causes long-term power loss, insufficient charging, and early capacity loss in battery pack operation. For example, if the float voltage of the battery pack is set to be low, the float charge of the battery pack is insufficient, and the rated capacity cannot be released when the battery pack is discharged. If it is too low, the battery pack will lose power and cannot meet the needs of self-discharge and oxygen cycle. If it is too high, it will cause electrolysis. Liquid loss, shorten battery life. Furthermore, the implementation of the balanced charging system has not been implemented. The floating charging method is adopted regardless of the actual operating conditions or the length of the operating time. The small floating charge current cannot complete and meet the supplementary power after the battery pack is discharged, resulting in insufficient charging of the battery pack, leading to the battery The battery fails to reach the rated capacity, and the negative grid of the battery is sulfated. 1. The floating charge voltage of the floating charge battery is set to 2.23V/single cell (at 25°C) (the average value of the positive and negative terminals of the battery), and the maximum charging current is set to 0.10C10A. If the battery working environment temperature deviates by 25℃, the float voltage should be corrected accordingly. The correction voltage is V correctionu003dV25℃-0.0055V/℃×(Tactual -25℃), that is, every time the temperature rises by 1℃, the float The charging voltage is reduced by 3mV, and the float charging voltage is increased by 3mV for every 1°C decrease in temperature. 2. The equalizing voltage of the equalizing charging battery is set to 2.30V/single cell (the average value of the positive and negative terminals of the battery at 25℃), the maximum charging current is 0.10C10A, and the equalizing time is set according to the following conditions: Conditional equalization time exit equalization condition

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