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by:Power Kingdom     2020-08-21
Using a mixture of different models of battery, or the same old and new batteries using a mixture of harm is very big. Different because the internal battery electrolyte is different, the corresponding internal resistance and voltage will be different. Mix them, if they are concatenated, could lead to a small internal resistance, excessive put some potential low battery, run out of stock, and produce the internal current exceeds allowable values, rapid aging, scrap. By this time new batteries in the battery pack will also suffer, produce a chain reaction. If it is and, can produce battery internal circulation, on the one hand, foreign output decreases, on the other hand may cause the battery itself fever or even explode. Although emergency use, also do not mix different internal electrolyte battery. Such as rechargeable batteries and alkaline batteries mix is very dangerous. The disadvantages of old and new battery to mix with old batteries, due to a series of chemical, emf will be a slight decline, internal resistance will increase significantly, if such cells mixed with new batteries, downsides. With a new battery (now E1 = 1。 r = 1Ω5V, ) With a section of old batteries ( E2 = 1。 4 v, r2 = 5Ω ) Mix, give a 3 v / 3 w analyzed the lamp power supply, for example: when the power is two batteries in series. R1 = 3Ω ( Light load resistance) Use a section of the battery power supply, current I1, I1 = 0. 375 a new battery series power supply when the current I2, I2 = 0. 322 a, a mixture of battery is small, the fall in the old battery internal resistance on the voltage drop for Vr2 Vr2 = r2 & bull; I2 = 5× 0. 322 = 1. 61 v > E2, it shows that the old battery's contribution to the circuit is smaller than its consumption, that is both old and new battery string lamp, lamp brightness is more often the cause of the dark. Use two batteries in parallel power supply is shown in figure 2, according to the kirchhoff's law are: I1 = ( r1+RL) +I2RL=E1  I2=( r2+RL) + I1RL = E2 is: 4 i1 + 3 i2 = 1. 53 i1和i2 = 1 + 8。 4 available: I1 = 0. 339A I2=0. 048A  IL=I1+I2=0. 387 a above data shows that the parallel power supply when the old and new, old batteries provide current small, small current ratio through lights use new batteries differ is small ( 0. 387A- 0. 375 = 0。 012) , once more seriously, stop external power supply, namely disconnect key K, 2 battery circuit, its own new battery to the old battery, for its current I. 我= 0。 Are on the verge of a 20 ma, 017 a, the equivalent current, self-discharge of the battery capacity is 3 a calculation, the discharge time is T, T = 176 h = 7 days, namely a week after the new battery will discharge. All in all, mix of old and new battery, no matter in series or in parallel, many disadvantages, so the old and new battery should not be mixed.
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