The difference between the two valve-regulated sealed lead-acid batteries

by:Power Kingdom     2021-07-17

The difference between the two valve-regulated sealed lead-acid batteries

Currently, there are two main types of valve-regulated sealed lead-acid batteries, namely, negative absorption heat pump sealed lead-acid batteries and silicone-sealed lead-acid batteries.

The electrodes of the two rechargeable batteries are the same: the anode grid is made of lead calcium tin aluminum alloy or low antimony multiple aluminum alloy. The top cover of the rechargeable battery adopts the concept of tight assembly line and poor liquid design with a one-sided valve. Due to the selection of antimony-free lead calcium tin aluminum alloy, the negative evolution of hydrogen exceeds the potential difference, thereby preventing the dissolution of radon gas. In addition, special production valves are used to maintain a certain pressure battery.

The rechargeable battery baffle of the rechargeable battery type: one is to choose the ultra-fine glass wool baffle, and the other is to fix the lithium battery electrolyte with silicone gel. They all use the basic principle of negative passive absorption to close the rechargeable battery, but the safe passage of positive level dissolved CO2 to negative level is different. For sealed lead-acid batteries, although most of the battery electrolyte is kept in the agm membrane, 10% of the membrane holes must not enter the lithium battery electrolyte. Carbon dioxide is converted from a positive level, and it is absorbed based on these porosities. In the case of colloidal lead-acid batteries, the silica gel in the battery is composed of a three-dimensional porous structure composed of SiO2 particles. After the rechargeable battery silica sol is changed to suspicious glue, the frame should be further collected to make the suspicious glue appear in the gap in the middle of the water-based cathode plate.

It can be seen that the difference between the two batteries depends on the method of fixing the electrolyte and the way of providing oxygen to the negative electrode channel. Therefore, the performance of the two batteries also has its own merits.

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