The difference and the same between square sine wave and sine wave backup UPS power supply

by:Power Kingdom     2021-06-24
Tags: The difference between the square sine wave and the sine wave backup UPS power supply is the same as the same backup square wave output UPS power supply and the subsequent sine wave output UPS. The line uses anti-interference graded voltage regulation and voltage stabilization technology, when the market When the power changes between 180V and 250V, its voltage stabilization accuracy is between 5% and 10%; when the mains power is interrupted, the inverter provides a square wave power supply with a stability of ±5% and no interference to the load. The switching time of sine wave is shorter than square sine wave, about 4ms, the shortest is 2ms, square sine wave needs 4-9ms. The neutral wire and live wire of the output end of sine wave are fixed, this is because the mains power supply or inverter in the UPS affects the load. The power supply is all done by the same power transformer. Therefore, the user should comply with the manufacturer's regulations when connecting this kind of UPS. The following UPSs with sine wave output have zero and live wire error circuits. Once the input terminal is zero, the live wire is inconsistent with the UPS requirements, the UPS will automatically protect and there is no output. It should also be pointed out that the neutral line of the 220V input in the latter types of UPS is the ground line of the UPS control circuit. The square sine wave UPS power supply cannot be connected to loads of the nature of fluorescent lamps, otherwise it will not reach the factory specifications of the machine, or the UPS itself will be damaged. Also, it cannot be shut down and started frequently. After the UPS is shut down, if it is restarted immediately, it cannot work normally. At this time, there is no voltage output and the buzzer beeps for a long time, which is called startup failure. Therefore, after shutting down, if you need to restart, you have to wait more than 6s. And sine wave can.
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