The current development situation and problem analysis of lead storage battery industry

by:Power Kingdom     2021-04-26
my country began to comprehensively rectify the lead storage battery industry and the lead recycling industry in 2011. Lead battery companies in Zhejiang, Guangdong, Henan and other provinces have basically been reorganized or shut down. However, there are still a small number of companies that have not completed the rectification requirements and put into production or expansion. Some companies that have been rectified have problems such as insufficient scale, insufficient technical equipment, and pollution control leaks. The road to rectification of lead-acid batteries is still long.   The development of my country's battery industry will achieve transformation and upgrading around the goal of 'closing small enterprises, eliminating outdated production capacity, advancing mergers and reorganizations, and supporting the big and strong'. The author believes that in order to achieve a complete transformation of the lead-acid battery industry, it is necessary to blaze a path of developing a model of circular economic development.   Actively guide and standardize development. Scientifically plan the production capacity and corporate layout of lead storage batteries, strictly enforce market access, and establish a benign exit mechanism for illegal lead storage batteries; strictly control the 'three simultaneous' system and production capacity scale control gates to maximize the benefits of scale environmental protection; practically increase environmental protection supervision , Establish a package system for the person in charge of environmental protection, and implement seamless supervision.  Continuously improve the level of production equipment and pollution control. On the basis of the original production technology and environmental protection technology of the enterprise, the production automation level and the closed operation mode should be further improved, and the fully closed operation and the whole process pollution control should be gradually realized to effectively reduce the pollution.  Improve the wastewater collection pipeline to realize the full collection and full treatment of wastewater in the factory. Collect and process all the company's floor washing water, equipment washing water, work clothes washing water, etc.; establish a first rainwater collection system including the roof of the whole site, and collect the first rainwater into the sewage treatment system for treatment, so as to effectively prevent heavy metals from flowing into the external environment; In addition to the necessary greening of the site, implement maximum hardening of the entire site to prevent heavy metal soil and underground leakage pollution; on the basis of the original wastewater treatment system in the plant, an additional wastewater concentration pool was built at the comprehensive sewage outlet outside the plant ( Or emergency pool), adding an insurance link.   Further improve the control level of organized and unorganized lead-containing exhaust gas. Further research or introduce the most advanced high-efficiency lead-containing exhaust gas dust collector from abroad to achieve a lead dust treatment efficiency of more than 99%; plant a broad-leaved evergreen green belt of no less than 50 meters wide and high poles around the plant to further shield and absorb the escaped Lead pollutants; add a surface (or buried) waste gas collection system in the workshop to further recover the lead-containing waste gas that has settled on the ground due to high gravity and send it to the dust removal device for treatment to ensure the removal of lead pollutants in the waste gas. Full collection and full control.   Establish and improve the recycling and disposal system of waste lead in the lead battery industry. Establish a balance mechanism between the production capacity of lead storage batteries and the total supply and demand of lead materials. In addition to new production capacity, no longer supply or high-priced supply of new lead materials, forcing enterprises to carry out recycling work, fully implement and improve the recycling guarantee mechanism for used lead batteries, and fundamentally eliminate secondary pollution.   Carry out continuous mandatory clean production audit. Combining the lead capacity, total amount and emission level in the area, promptly put forward a new clean production plan, improve the level of pollution prevention and control, and work towards zero emission.   Establish and improve the prevention and control system for employees' occupational diseases and the system for the prevention and control of the health of residents in the surrounding areas, and implement daily monitoring, strengthen prevention, and timely disposal.
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