The corrosion of the positive plate in the lead-acid battery can extend the life of the battery

by:Power Kingdom     2021-07-14

   Lead-acid batteries combine and separate with EPB and WAR in the positive charging reaction. When the lead-acid battery is discharged, the oxygen is first separated from the bound state, and then H20 is formed by the combination of the lead-acid battery and the lead-acid battery. When the lead-acid battery is charged, the oxygen in the water obtains energy from the external circuit, separates from the water, and recombines with lead to form Pb02, which is the oxidation process of the lead-acid battery. This reaction does not exist in the negative electrode, but only exists in the separation of PB on the negative electrode: #S 042-.


   During the charging process, the positive P15 has a re-oxidation process. In the actual lead-acid battery structure, the charging current of the lead-acid battery enters the active material through the grid in the middle of the active material on the electrode plate, and the grid is also in contact with the electrolyte. When I>b is in a charged state, the positive gate cannot avoid local oxidation. In each charge, if the active material has undergone a large number of reactions, the gate is oxidized once, and then the oxidation reaction generated by the charge current is used to decompose water and oxidize the positive gate. According to the principle of electrochemical reaction, even in the condition of no charge, the E plate is still corroding, but the corrosion rate is low. Corrosion is accelerated when lead-acid batteries are charged. During the discharge process, the positive grid is oxidized and corroded by the alloy lattice, causing grid deformation, linear increase in grid size or even breakage, which is an important cause of lead-acid battery damage . In addition, when there are corrosive impurities (such as organic acids, etc.) in the electro-hydraulic system, the corrosion rate of the positive grid is significantly increased. After the waste lead-acid battery is decomposed, it is found that the positive grid has different degrees of corrosion. Since there is no oxidative corrosion caused by overcharge in the negative electrode soil, there is no obvious corrosion in the negative electrode soil.


   Obviously, taking protective measures for the positive grid, adding some corrosion inhibitors, and reducing overcharge are measures to improve the service life of lead-acid batteries. Contact: 18038382979

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