The competitive landscape of the lithium battery industry in 2013 presented three major characteristics

by:Power Kingdom     2021-04-26
Value-added opportunities for upstream mineral products and increased profitability of lithium carbonate producers. In 2013, the concentration of international lithium resources will continue to increase. In particular, the Talishon acquisition triggered strong market expectations for the rise of mineral product prices next year, and the construction of mineral processing capacity of listed companies with mineral resources in China will also accelerate. If the price of ore products rises slowly, the profits of lithium carbonate companies are also expected to increase. It is recommended to actively pay attention to Jiangte Electric, Tianqi Lithium, and Luxiang.  The 'territory battle' and 'supply chain battle' in key material areas are upgraded. In the second year when the domesticization of key materials for domestic lithium batteries has entered the window period, the 'territory battle' in the field of lithium hexafluorophosphate will become the theme, and the 'supply chain battle' in the downstream electrolyte field will also run through the year. The first-phase production lines of many listed companies in the diaphragm field are intensively reaching production. After the downstream customers recognize it, it is expected to trigger a wave of 'second investment'. In terms of investment targets, it is recommended to pay attention to polyfluoride and Jiujiujiu in the field of lithium hexafluorophosphate, Xinzhoubang for the electrolyte field, and companies such as Cangzhou Pearl, Nanyang Technology and Jiujiuji for the diaphragm field.   The competitive landscape of the lithium battery industry in 2013 presented three major characteristics. We believe that the lithium battery market will continue to maintain steady growth in 2013. From the perspective of downstream applications, the energy storage market is expected to exceed expectations if policy support is in place. The industrial pattern in 2013 will show three major characteristics: 1) The upstream mineral products are expected to appreciate strongly, and the domestic ore mining capacity is greatly expanded; 2) The 'territory dispute' and 'supply chain dispute' in the key material links of lithium batteries are intensified; 3) The number of functionally differentiated new products from various manufacturers has increased.   Opportunities for the performance reversal of cathode materials. Judging from the profit situation for the whole year of 2012, the profitability of cathode materials is steadily picking up, but the performance of the 'peak season' in the fourth quarter is slightly lower than expected, and the speed of performance recovery depends on the increase in the proportion of high-end products. It is recommended to pay attention to Dangsheng Technology and Shanshan shares.  Risk warning: 1. The rate of increase in the proportion of new products in the field of cathode materials is not up to expectations; 2. The demand for power lithium batteries is lower than expected; 3. Intensified competition in key materials has led to a sharp drop in prices.
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