The cold winter how to choose and buy electric cars? Maintenance of storage battery is the key! -Power Kingdom

by:Power Kingdom     2020-08-24
The autumn wind blow gently, winter quietly. In the purchase, use and maintenance of electric vehicles, it became a lot of electric car users and ready buyers most issue of concern. Electric cars if you use and maintain undeserved, easily damaged parts, reduce its service life greatly. In fact most of the time, the life of the electric car, because love is not enough battery completely. Small make up for everybody here some knowledge popularization, the hope can help you like electric's friends. First is the choose and buy, 1, purchase and choose the right battery normally 48 v / 12 ah battery can run 30 kilometers, 48 v / 20 ah battery can run 70 kilometers, 48 v / 24 ah can run 100 kilometers. When they buy electric cars, don't greedy for battery capacity is big, it is good enough, or you can is blind. 2, do not blindly pursue power. The same brand of the electric power, the greater the power, the more strong, but their battery. If not particularly need, do not recommend to buy high power electric vehicles, such as 1000 w or greater. Because the greater the power, relatively shorter battery life will be, and replace the battery cost will be high. Check product certification 3, can buy a prototype. A lot of friends don't like to prototype. Actually prototypes are not necessarily used cars, big brand dealers electric car prototype average lots sold within a week or two, and was not a bit old, And now that is a prototype, usually more careful debugging, otherwise the customer a ride there is a problem, might not choose it. So you just check when buy, buy a prototype can sometimes be a good choice. 4, in the purchase, pay attention to try to ride. Go to buy electric cars, don't pay money, must try to ride, especially after the loading of try to ride. Will feel comfort, smooth, brake tightness, the light not bright, horn ring does not ring, and so on details. 5, buy car must see product certification, production date, it fits the chassis number and the car. To look at the manufacture date of electric vehicle batteries, because it directly affects the immediate interests of the consumers; It is best to use the battery within 10 days. In addition, a lot of people for electric vehicle battery not enough love, like to owe charging or charging full, it is very harmful to both. Of charging the battery charging current is greater than the current for the battery, charging mainly produce electrolytic water side effects, because the battery positive electrode produce oxygen to the cathode oxygen compound reaction, quantity of heat, so the charging amount actually converted into heat make a battery temperature, without control, can cause a lot of water loss, serious deformation and failure. Owe charging popular speak is not often in charge are in the under charge, extreme will gradually form a bulky solid lead sulfate, it almost insoluble, which produce & other The irreversible sulfate & throughout; , the method of using normal cannot charge it into electricity, therefore fast attenuation capacity will again. Also, pay attention to the following tips: 1, the winter cycling power on the vehicle has just started, more should slow speed, avoid instant throttle damage electric bicycle accessories. In guarantee under the premise of safety, the road should reduce braking, start, as far as possible, to save electricity. The road when the brakes should loosen the control of motor speed, in order to avoid damage to the motor and other electric bicycle accessories. In the uphill, against heavy load cases, such as using pedal power. Out of the car were introduced, the power supply should be closed to prevent pushing had no intention of rotational speed, when the car suddenly started accident. 2, the winter should be regular maintenance to go out should pay attention to check the electric bicycle accessories are in good condition, such as whether the tire pressure is enough, before and after the brake is sensitive, the vehicle has no ring, whether screw loosening, whether the battery. In case of rain and snow water, can't let water wheel hub, so as to prolong the life of battery and motor. After the rain and snow day electric vehicle maintenance pay particular attention to. Should also be regular lubrication in winter. For electric vehicle front axle and rear axle, axis, flywheel, front fork, shock the rotation pivot parts such as a scrub and lubrication.
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