The battery will complete the green transformation by the end of next year

by:Power Kingdom     2021-04-29
How to make the battery 'green' is a common topic, but 'the success is also the failure, the failure is also the failureThe implementation of 'Lead Storage Battery Industry Access Conditions' will promote the storage battery industry to enter the green knockout competition. According to the 'Lead Storage Battery Industry Access Conditions' stipulates: 'The existing production capacity of lead storage batteries and their lead-containing components with cadmium content higher than 0.002% or arsenic content higher than 0.1% should be eliminated before December 31, 2013.' This means that domestic lead battery manufacturers must complete the green transformation by the end of next year, that is to say, all battery companies will use the internal chemical conversion process known as the 'green process' by the end of next year.   The latest statistics show that at present, only 15% of domestic lead storage battery products adopt internal chemical conversion process, and 12% of them are Chaowei power products. This data shows that the green production technology of batteries is still mainly concentrated in the hands of industry leaders such as Chaowei batteries, and it is still somewhat difficult to be fully popularized.   Many people in the industry are particularly concerned about this: By the end of next year, how many companies can achieve green production? If there are fewer companies that meet the standards, will they be cleared out as they did in the second half of last year? This series of question marks is not unfounded. The internalization process cannot be achieved by a simple replacement. Its Ru0026D and production costs are high, requiring huge capital, high-tech and elite talents, and not all companies can stick to it. , Especially for some small and medium-sized enterprises, after experiencing last year's rectification, the just-recovered 'vitality' may not be able to support their full replacement of internal chemical conversion processes. 'The implementation of 'Lead Battery Industry Access Conditions' has greatly increased the entry barriers for battery companies, and promoted the transformation of the battery industry to a high-tech and capital-intensive high-end industry. For companies lacking technology and capital, the green transformation path may be It will be very difficult, but for powerful companies, the 'Access Conditions' purifies the competitive environment and helps companies win in the competition.' Some industry commentators said.   Indeed, leading companies such as Chaowei Battery seem to be particularly indifferent to the implementation of the 'Access Conditions'. Take Chaowei as an example. At present, the internal chemical conversion process accounts for more than 75% of the production capacity of Chaowei Group. Not surprisingly, all green production will be realized by the end of this year or the beginning of this year. In fact, as early as many years ago, Chaowei Group has started its green production activities. When battery companies are still busy expanding production, Chaowei has invested nearly 10 million yuan in research and development of internalized into non-washing technology. Putting it into use effectively prevents the acid mist generated during the charging process from directly entering the air and polluting the environment. At the same time, it also avoids the use of toxic cadmium metal and reduces lead pollution emissions by 75%. In addition, Chaowei is equipped with advanced sewage treatment equipment in the production process, and has achieved zero discharge of sewage. To sum up, while we are worried about the green knockout in the battery industry, we should also see the positive side. We have reason to believe that under the leadership of many powerful large companies in the industry, under the implementation of the 'Access Conditions' , The storage battery industry is bound to enter the full-capacity greening that people expect.
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