The battery is not durable, sometimes not wrong - of the battery-Power Kingdom

by:Power Kingdom     2020-08-15
In daily use, many owners will complain, short service life of the battery or even a new car use, playing without fire inexplicably appeared. In this case, the doubt whether the battery for inferior product owner is not a few, but in fact, the main culprit of a battery short-lived car bad habits tend to be the owner itself. In addition, the authors note that many owners after the vehicle flameout, never turn off the air conditioning or sound, they think that as long as the car stalled, the equipment is turned off, will not cause any damage to the vehicle's battery. There are many car owners after the car flameout, likes the person, such as in the car with the radio on, CDS, navigation and a variety of automotive electrical appliances. “ Some good driving habits, when driving is a way of car maintenance. ” A car service station master zhang reminds, & other; The owner in the use of light, the automotive electrical appliances such as radio, best ignition and then open the electrical appliances, etc. When the ignition off, have to wait 30 seconds to start again, avoid by all means upset minded, continuous ignition, battery electric loss. ” In addition, the best thermal drive one morning out of the car, so it is good for prolonging the life of the engine, but time shoulds not be too long. Winter warm up time is longer than summer, in order to reduce the engine wear and tear. But with the progress of auto technology, at present a lot of high-grade cars don't need hot car for a long time, as long as the car engine idle speed down to 900 RPM can start
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