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by:Power Kingdom     2020-03-24
Battery charged state refers to the battery SOC can release the capacity of the compared to its rated capacity. The data of post and telecommunication power supply system and are using the power battery is very important. In 1992 David O Feder published with MIDTrONic Celltronand Midtron conductivity tester of valve-control sealed lead-acid battery ( VRLA) Test and statistical results. Figure 1 shows the 336 pieces of 1000 ah sealed lead-acid battery with 263 discharge to 1 A. With battery conductance (80 V of the discharge time The reciprocal of resistance) The distribution of. As you can see, there is a linear relationship between them, the correlation coefficient R2 = 0. 825. 12 v4ah battery and some proposes for online use of valve-control sealed lead-acid battery, can be used to measure the conductivity value to speculate that their surplus capacity. Although more than a decade ago I from objective reality have repeatedly puts forward negative views on this view, and recognized by numerous peer experts. But today there are still some people didn't do test automatically refer to the above outdated ideas, and told you that view & other; Throughout the crux &; 。
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