The advantages of constant voltage charging of lead-acid batteries

by:Power Kingdom     2021-06-20
Tags: The advantages of constant voltage charging of lead-acid batteries Constant voltage charging refers to the charging of the lead-acid battery with the voltage between the two poles maintained at a constant value. It is a widely used charging method. Floating and trickle charging of lead-acid batteries such as telecommunications equipment and uninterruptible power supply (UPS) are constant voltage charging. The starting battery is also in an approximate constant voltage charging situation when the vehicle is running. Its advantage is that as the state of charge of the battery changes, the charging current is automatically adjusted. If the specified voltage is constant, it can not only ensure the full charge of the battery, but also minimize gassing and water loss. In the constant voltage charging process, the voltage of the charging power supply maintains a constant value throughout the charging time. As the battery terminal voltage gradually increases, the current gradually decreases. Compared with the constant current charging method, the charging process is closer to the optimal charging curve. So why does the constant voltage charging current gradually decrease? This is because when the constant current process is terminated, although the internal electrochemical polarization of the battery remains at the same level in the entire constant current, the constant voltage process and the constant electric field will gradually eliminate the internal pb concentration polarization, and the ionic The number and speed of migration appear as a gradual decrease in current.
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