The advantages and disadvantages of colloidal lead-acid batteries

by:Power Kingdom     2021-07-07

Advantages and disadvantages of colloidal lead-acid batteries

Colloid lead-acid batteries are an improvement of ordinary lead-acid batteries with liquid electrolyte. , Discharge performance and service life are improved compared with ordinary batteries.

The colloidal lead-acid battery adopts a gel-like electrolyte, and there is no free liquid inside. Under the same volume, the electrolyte capacity is large, the heat capacity is large, and the heat dissipation ability is strong, which can avoid the phenomenon of thermal runaway in general batteries; electrolyte; The concentration is low, the corrosion effect on the electrode plate is weak; the concentration is uniform, and there is no electrolyte layering phenomenon.


1. High quality and long service life. The colloidal solid electrolyte can form a solid protective layer on the electrode plate to prevent the electrode plate from being corroded, and at the same time reduce the plate bending phenomenon and the electrode plate short circuit when the battery is used under heavy load, and better prevent the active material of the electrode plate from softening and falling off , Has a good physical and chemical protective effect, is ~ 2 times the life of traditional lead-acid batteries in the national testing standard. The colloidal electrolyte has a scientific specific gravity and is not easy to cause vulcanization of the plate. Under normal use, the number of cycles is more than 550.

2. It is safe to use and environmentally friendly. There is no acid mist gas precipitation, no electrolyte overflow, no combustion, no explosion, no corrosion to the car body, no pollution. Since the electrolyte is solid, even if the battery shell ruptures accidentally during use, it can still be used normally, and no liquid sulfuric acid can flow out.

3. High efficiency and good performance. The self-discharge of colloidal batteries is small, which is conducive to long-term storage; the deep discharge performance is high, which is conducive to improving the utilization rate of active materials and the discharge capacity; the recovery ability of deep discharge and overdischarge is strong, and the charge acceptance ability exceeds the national standard by more than 50%.

4. It is convenient and quick to use, without frequent maintenance. The surface of the product is clean and free of dirt; one-time electrolyte perfusion, which will never add acid for life, can save a lot of energy and maintenance and maintenance costs.

5. Less water loss. The oxygen circulation design has pores that facilitate the diffusion of oxygen, and the precipitated oxygen can chemically react with the negative electrode material, so there is less gas evolution during the charge and discharge process, and less water loss.

6. Long shelving time. It has good resistance to plate sulfation and reduction of grid corrosion, and has a long storage period.

7. Less self-discharge. It can hinder the diffusion of water generated during cathode reduction and inhibit the spontaneous reduction reaction of PbO, so there is less self-discharge.

8. Good low-temperature starting performance. Since the sulfuric acid electrolyte exists in the gel, although the internal resistance is slightly larger, the internal resistance of the gel electrolyte does not change much at low temperatures, so its low-temperature start-up performance is good.

9. High charging efficiency. The special charging method can fully activate the active material and increase the battery capacity.

10. The use environment (temperature) is wide, especially suitable for cold weather in Northeast China. The gel battery can be used normally within the temperature difference range of -40℃~65℃, which effectively solves the problem of difficulty in starting up with traditional lead-acid batteries in the high-cold areas and other high-temperature areas in northern my country in the past.


1. The rubber particles brought out by the early exhaust are acid-containing, and the rubber particles are easy to stick to the battery shell, so some users It will reflect battery leakage.

2. Although the oxygen cycle inhibits water loss, the excellent oxygen cycle also generates heat, which increases the internal temperature of the battery, and the gel battery has a thermal runaway phenomenon.

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