Ten reasons for battery damage

by:Power Kingdom     2021-07-19

Ten reasons for battery damage:

1. Environmental pollution by air pollutants (such as sulfuric acid, sea surface, citric acid, etc.)

2. The battery is overcharged, according to AC will explode and charge the battery current, which will greatly shorten the number of battery cycles.

3. The deformation of the electrical grade plate produces the interaction force between the movement of the positive electrode and the multi-layer plate, which causes a short-circuit fault condition.

4. The short-circuit fault is caused by the accumulation of air pollutants on the upper and lower sides of the pole piece.

5. Discharging, the charging and discharging maintenance of the switching power supply, the power circuit is abnormal, and the power load is too small, resulting in deep discharge of the rechargeable battery.

6. The storage time of the battery is long (the battery is not charged during the storage period), and the battery is not easy to apply.

7. The application can't turn off the charging head, and some charging heads do not have a limited current capacity device, which leads to the destruction of the rechargeable battery.

8. There is no electrolyte solution, which has been used for a long time.

9. The proportion of electrolyte solution is too high

10. High temperature battery charging, because of the professional skills of lead-acid batteries at this stage, the protection rate is also low in application. However, customers cannot ignore management methods due to their non-maintenance features. In order to facilitate the application of rechargeable batteries, some simple regular inspections and maintenance must be carried out.

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