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by:Power Kingdom     2020-03-18
Hear maintenance-free lead-acid batteries, you may still in the blank, don't know what this is, but through small make up story, where you will immediately understand that it is sacred, let's together into the world of maintenance-free lead-acid batteries! ! ! ! 1, sealing: the battery slot cover, a column, double seal design to prevent leaking acid, reliable safety valve can prevent the outside air and dust into the inside the battery; 2, maintenance free: water regeneration ability, sealed reaction efficiency is high, so in the process of the whole battery maintenance without filling water or acid; 3, safe and reliable: no acid overflow, reliable safety valve automatically closes, explosion-proof equipment device can make the battery in the use process more secure and reliable; 4, long life design, computer design of corrosion lead calcium lead alloy plate grid, the use of ABS corrosion resistant material and high efficiency of sealed reaction ensures the long life of battery; If you want to buy please choose our shenzhen Hui maintenance-free lead-acid battery industry, we will strictly follow our company & other; Causes and humble, open lixin & throughout; The management idea, with excellent service to your side, hand in hand with you!
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