Solar battery connection method-Power Kingdom

by:Power Kingdom     2020-08-24
With the widespread use of solar energy photovoltaic battery system, as the matched battery is becoming more and more get the attention of people. Solar battery connection method is: will the solar battery positive electrode connected to the positive and negative and the cathode. This solar battery power will be doubled, and voltage with a solar battery voltage. Solar battery polarity column must not short circuit ( Meet) 。 Ordinary lead-acid batteries due to large require constant maintenance and environmental pollution, so the main suitable for maintenance ability or low-grade situations, alkaline nickel cadmium battery although has good low temperature, overcharge, discharge performance, but due to its high prices, only suitable for a special occasion. The role of solar battery battery works can be divided into recycling and use two kinds of floating. Often in frequent charging and discharging work state, namely recycling; Is often used in the charging state is floating, to make up for the loss caused by self-discharge of battery capacity. Photovoltaic power generation system in VRLA battery belong to recycled way. Photovoltaic off-grid power generation system is to use the principle of the photoelectric effect to convert solar energy into electrical energy power generation system, usually by solar energy battery components, controller, batteries, dc/ac inverter, etc.
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