Shenzhen reminds you: the use environment of lead-acid batteries

by:Power Kingdom     2021-04-21
The use environment of lead-acid batteries: 1. Avoid direct contact between the battery and the metal container, and use acid-proof and heat-resistant materials, otherwise it will cause smoke or burning. 2. Use the specified charger to charge under specified conditions, otherwise it may cause the battery to overheat, deflate, leak, burn or rupture. 3. Do not install the battery in a sealed device, otherwise the device may be broken. 4. When using the battery in medical equipment, please install a backup power supply other than the main power supply, otherwise the main power supply failure will cause injury. 5. Keep the battery away from the equipment that can produce sparks, otherwise the sparks may cause the battery to smoke or rupture. 6. Do not place the battery near a heat source (such as a transformer), otherwise it will cause the battery to overheat, leak, burn or rupture. 7. When the number of batteries in the application exceeds one, please ensure that the connections between the batteries are correct and that they are correctly connected to the charger or load, otherwise it will cause the battery to rupture, burn, or damage the battery, and in some cases it will hurt people. 8. Pay special attention not to drop the battery on your feet. 9. The designated use range of the battery is as follows. Exceeding this range may cause battery damage. The normal operating range of the battery is: 77.F (25°C) after the battery is discharged (installed in the device): 5.F to 122.F (-15°C to 50°C) after charging: 32.F to 104.F( 0°C to 40°C) During storage: 5.F to 104.F (-15°C to 40°C) 10. Do not place the battery installed on the locomotive under high temperature, direct sunlight, stove or fire, otherwise it may It may cause the battery to leak, catch fire or rupture. 11. Do not use the battery in a dusty place, it may cause a short circuit of the battery. When using the battery in a dusty environment, check the battery regularly.
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