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by:Power Kingdom     2020-08-27
Just open the two sessions in March, about battery recycling has become a hot topic. Illegal recycling mode of recycling waste lead accumulator volume accounted for 80% of total produced, long-term recycling market dominant, lead to a legit recycling enterprise survival space more narrow, form & lsquo; Good money after bad money & rsquo; In the situation. And in the industry of electric vehicles, storage battery, waste and scrap batteries, lithium batteries, and other products, caused serious pollution. Pollution in addition to battery, battery car workers in the community network charging line, rechargeable electric vehicle charging, secretly caused great potential safety hazard, across the country have also been many electric combustion, explosion and other accidents. Therefore, the government is very concerned about the problem of battery, since 15, all over the country also in pollution governance battery, battery charging specification problem, but the effect is not so obvious. Shared battery, just can improve the battery problem, the government also focused on the sharing battery this piece, the future is to encourage the practice of sharing battery. Share the battery has a broad market prospects, with hundreds of billions of the size of the market at present stage, to delivery, express delivery industry sharing the battery is just need, millions of electric vehicles across the country for delivery, delivery. Once Shared battery, Shared point arrangement in place, these cars never afraid of the car without electricity, and dispense with the car charging trouble finding this place every day. Do share the battery, and a broader market. There are 2 in our country. Connect power charging 500 million electric vehicles, private, private pull wire charge caused serious security hidden danger, etc. Once Shared battery can implement, the electric car park after internal battery, no need to charge, convenient and government management. And the user does not need to purchase a battery to reduce the battery costs of users. Avoid all kinds of non-standard waste battery treatment, do the battery using zero pollution, use cleaner usage patterns, subversive. Sharing what battery is a kind of model in the future, users can search online to the nearby can change the battery intelligent in electric tank! He only needed to ride electric vehicles, and then put the battery is running low in the cells inside the cabinet, took out a full charge of battery pack in electric vehicles. Can realize seconds in electricity, without waiting for, lasting life, don't have to buy electric car batteries. Shared battery operator in electric cabinet can be according to lines, mileage, battery capacity, electric quantity to reasonable stationing. Share in the electric cabinet for the moment, more targeted customers, the battery has a unified standard specification, electric specifications, can avoid a lot of course on the management and security risk. Do share battery company once to find the third party system development corporation ( My lucky rabbit is Shared battery system developers) , can be broadly layout, your model can be self-supporting, merchants, agents, fast running mode to to the country. Do share in the electric cabinet, therefore, sharing is the future trend, is also just need to be. The traditional battery industry, only try, before getting upset! Still depend on the traditional marketing mode of electric vehicles matching, will only be eliminated by The Times! Share the battery, the sooner you enter, the more could be assigned to the a share at the beginning of the industry, such as large battery manufacturer to enter, you even have no chance to drink soup. Such as day, amd's industry leading brand batteries, if not to transition, in the future are likely to share the battery company contract.
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