Seek a good battery for your car

by:Power Kingdom     2021-04-29
First of all, make sure that the battery you buy is 'fresh'! Yes, just like buying milk, car batteries also have an expiration date. Starting from being placed on the shelf, a fully charged battery will self-discharge due to internal vulcanization. The 'waiting' on the shelf for a long time naturally reduces the battery's service life and effect.   If you are buying a new battery in a store, pay attention to its power storage. Even the battery on the shelf should be sure that it is fully charged. Similarly, a battery test can also be done in the store. This test is to see if the battery can activate light bulbs, stereos, or air conditioning equipment.   'Heat' is the most terrifying enemy of a battery, it will make a battery with an expiration date of 60 months unusable after less than half of its expiration date! The reason that the battery cannot be used is not because it is broken, but because it is overheated! CCA stands for 'Cold Cranking AmpsThe CCA index is related to the number of grids inside the battery. Under the same battery capacity, the higher the CCA, the more the number of grids in the battery, and the thinner the thickness of the single-piece grid. This shows that the grid is more likely to be corroded, which affects the service life of the product. The unique Bevrui technology of Valta battery can further optimize the flow of the positive grid current, and provides an enhanced design in the current concentrated part to ensure a continuous and stable starting current output, and the low temperature starting effect is better.  Compared with other countries, plate corrosion and fracture are the main cause of premature battery failure in China. In the design of Varta battery, the grid is strengthened to enhance the corrosion resistance of the grid, which helps to improve the life of the product. Therefore, quality and quality must be considered when purchasing batteries. Good-quality batteries will give car owners a more comfortable use process. Valta battery's unique Bevrui technology has a patented grid structure design, which can significantly reduce the short circuit caused by grid growth and greatly extend the service life of the battery!   But why is there no CCA value on the packaging and label of some battery products? Because in China, compared to others, the corrosion and fracture of the plate is the most important cause of premature battery failure. Therefore, in the design of the battery, the grid is strengthened to enhance the corrosion resistance of the grid, which helps to improve the product life. In this way, a good quality battery that is more suitable for car owners can be selected.   For batteries, there is another indicator that is more important than CCA is C20. The rated capacity C of the battery, in ampere-hour (Ah), is the product of the discharge current ampere (A) and the discharge time hour (h). It represents the battery capacity and reflects the battery's storage capacity. The number following C in C20 indicates the number of hours that this type of battery is discharged to the set voltage with a certain intensity of current. C20 is an indicator that is more closely related to battery life. Although CCA is very important, if you blindly pursue high CCA indicators, it will definitely affect the life of the battery.   The current development trend of vehicles is that there are more and more electrical appliances in the car, and the power is getting higher and higher, so the requirements for battery capacity are getting higher and higher. Only when the battery capacity reaches a certain standard, the battery products will have better reliability and longer service life. Therefore, the focus of battery product design will be more on the design of battery capacity C20.   Pay attention to the battery, not only the design of the grid, but also the size of the C20 battery. Only by paying attention to C20 and CCA, can you better choose the right battery for your car.
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