See 'Intermittent Management' from 'Failure of Uninterruptible Power Supply'

by:Power Kingdom     2021-06-14

Management does not track, everything will be done for nothing. In other words, each work must have plans, arrangements, responsible persons, time limits for completion, inspections, summaries, and assessments to form a closed-loop management in order to achieve the goal of improving efficiency, increasing benefits, and increasing value. Judging from the successive occurrences of UPS failing to function as a backup device, it fully reveals that we have a bite to eat, we have no wisdom, we have not truly implemented the requirements of the four not let go, and there is a gap in the overall management chain. In a state of oversight, out of control and out of control. In response to typical negative cases, some units watched the excitement as a bystander, indifferent and insensitive, and the final result is that they continue to repeat yesterday's accident today. Professional guidance, supervision, and inspections were not followed up in place, resulting in management investigations and inferences that were written on paper and not implemented in specific actions. Management loopholes have not been plugged in time, and all links have been lost at all levels. It is not surprising that the same problem occurs repeatedly, and it will inevitably lead to our work always in a state of being exhausted from fighting fires.

In the face of good external market opportunities, our internal work has formed a sharp contrast. It is not a long memory to pay tuitions over and over again, and we fall into the predicament of frequent failures and low production efficiency. If we continue to do this, we will become sinners in the history of Tonggang. We Tonggang people have reached the time to be vigilant. At present, we must face the painful focus of Tonggang, combined with the consolidation of basic management discussion activities, deeply learn lessons, resolutely curb the trend of frequent accidents, build the situation of Tonggang, and achieve the goal of Tonggang transformation.

Consolidate the foundation and close-loop management. Metallurgical production is a large-scale industrial continuous operation. The processes are closely connected, interlocking, supporting each other, and moving the whole body together. In response to the problem of weak basic management, we are required to consolidate the basic management in a firm, fast, and strict manner, and no link is allowed to drop. To be pragmatic means to be pragmatic, and to improve management is not just talking about it, but doing it practically, one by one, to achieve a closed loop, to ensure the implementation of various management measures, without compromising, and to use work performance to test the management effect. Quickly, it means to make up lessons around the four-beams and eight-pillars of basic management. The sense of urgency must be strengthened, not to move forward in four directions, and to keep up with the overall pace of Shougang and not fall behind. Strict means to rebuild the atmosphere of strict management. It must not be loose and careless, especially in the face of the current endless problems, insist on using heavy codes in troubled times, and let the system fangs electrify, which will affect the fundamental interests of all employees of Tonggang. From strict assessment, punishment to distress, let the responsible person learn a lesson, others will be touched, and achieve the purpose of solving a problem, standardizing a type of behavior, and plugging a loophole.

Fulfill your duties and be a good role. In Tonggang, the big stage of entrepreneurship, each of us plays a different role, and each role is indispensable and must be played in true colors. The nature of the role requires each of us in Tonggang to be in his place, seek his government, perform his duties, and fulfill his responsibilities. However, from the actual situation, the implementation of responsibilities at all levels is not in place. As the leaders of Shougang pointed out at the early adjustment meeting of the steel sector on March 5th, Tonggang's management system has a big problem. The main responsibility is not implemented, and the management is not in place. That is, if the responsibility is not in place, the train will drop if it falls, the fan will stop when it stops, and the UPS power supply will not work, it will not work. In response to the requirements of the leaders of Shougang, we must reflect deeply, resolutely rectify and reform, insist on working hard instead of hard working, and vigorously create an atmosphere of thinking, willing, and capable. Those who neglect their duties and responsibilities will be held accountable seriously, so that those who are mediocre will go down and those who can get up. Leading cadres, take the lead. Leading cadres at all levels should play the leading and leading role at the above rate, take the first level to the next level, and perform the next level to the next level, layering the responsibilities, and ensuring that the measures are implemented through the implementation of responsibilities.

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