Reasons for regular deep and charge-discharge cycles of batteries

by:Power Kingdom     2021-07-16

  In the past battery maintenance process, after the initial charge, there was a regular deep charge/discharge cycle of the battery

   regulation, this regulation was originally proposed There are two reasons for this:

   First, the charged plate is in a highly activated state, that is, a high potential energy state. The state of matter in a high potential energy state always has a tendency to transform to a low potential energy

  , this transformation will shrink the plate, reduce the surface area, and reduce the structural capacity of the battery. Regularly exercise the electrode plates with a charge-discharge cycle. During the process of charging and discharging, due to the expansion and contraction of the electrode plates, the electrode plates are activated. Second, the battery in the backup power supply, after a period of running time, the user often needs to know the actual charge capacity CB and the charge capacity CJ of the battery to ensure the backup power supply. Safe operation. At that time, CB and CJ could only be measured with the cycle of charging

  , which is called 'capacity check' in the process.

   Long-term practice has proved that although the inevitable attenuation of potential energy is an objective law, the attenuation rate is a key value. For example, the attenuation is within the service life of the lead battery

   is small and has no effect on the safe operation of the battery, so it can be ignored. It's like the weathering of stone for a long time, but no one considers the impact of weathering when building a house with stone.


   The second 'reasonThe CB meter currently produced is a start-up type for 60~195A·h

   battery, 250~500A·h battery car battery, 200~1000A·h backup power battery , Can easily determine its CB value, and the CJ value can be measured when it is fully charged

  . Therefore, the CB measurement technology is used to cancel the regular deep charge and discharge system in the battery operation to save energy and maintenance man-hours



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