Reasons for not reaching the design service life-colloidal battery

by:Power Kingdom     2021-04-28
Although today's lead-acid batteries have been greatly improved in terms of structural design and the use of raw materials, and their performance has been greatly improved, many maintenance-free lead-acid batteries with excellent design and materials have a theoretical life of 15~ More than 20 years, but the battery that can really reach such a life in use is probably very few. Take, for example, the lead-acid battery for low-maintenance starting with dry charge, which is widely used in automobiles and motorcycles. The designed service life is more than 4 to 5 years. According to investigations, it is found that the above level is rarely reached, and most of them are several months to one month. It died in 1 year. The reasons are as follows:      1) The design of charging equipment is not perfect and it is inconvenient to use.     2) Lead-acid batteries cannot be recharged in time after discharge, especially over-discharge can cause fatal injuries to the battery.     3) The quality of a few manufacturers’ products is inferior and shoddy.       2 Technical requirements for battery charging     The technical indicators for the guaranteed service life of lead-acid batteries provided by the manufacturer are given at an ambient temperature of 25°C. Since the voltage of a single lead-acid battery has the characteristic of decreasing about 4mv every time the temperature rises by 1°C, a 12V battery composed of 6 single cells in series has a float charge voltage of 13.5V at 25°C; when the ambient temperature drops to 0 At ℃, the floating voltage should be 14.1V; when the ambient temperature rises to 40℃, the floating voltage should be 13.14V. At the same time, the lead-acid battery has a characteristic. When the ambient temperature is constant, the charging voltage is 100mv higher than the required voltage, and the charging current will increase several times. Therefore, it will cause thermal runaway and overcharge damage of the battery. When the charging voltage is 100mv lower than the required voltage, the battery will be undercharged, and the battery will be damaged. In addition, the capacity of lead-acid batteries is also related to temperature. About every 1℃ decrease in temperature, the capacity will drop by 1%. Therefore, manufacturers require lead-acid battery users to discharge 50% of the battery’s rated capacity in summer and 25% in winter. It should be charged in time. Obviously, lead-acid batteries in daily use cannot be kept in an environment of 25°C for a long time. There are still early, mid, and late temperature changes in a day, not to mention that there are even greater changes in the four seasons of spring, summer, autumn and winter. Temperature difference, so the various thyristor rectifier, transformer step-down rectifier, and general switching power supply type lead-acid battery chargers commonly used in the market at present can charge the battery in a constant voltage or constant current mode. Failure to meet the strict technical requirements for supplementary charging of lead-acid batteries. Looking at the methods used in the past to charge lead-acid batteries and the lead-acid battery chargers developed based on these methods, it is not difficult to see that the technology is not perfect enough. Using these products to charge lead-acid batteries is bound to be straightforward. Affect the service life of lead-acid batteries, and these chargers also have problems such as narrow working voltage adaption range, large volume, low efficiency, and poor safety factor. 3 Naturally balanced charger In response to the above common problems in the charging of lead-acid batteries, Changsha Yuheng Electronics Co., Ltd. has conducted a long-term in-depth study on lead-acid battery chargers, and produced new ones with its own unique methods and clever designs. The charger series products solve the complicated technical problems in charging lead-acid batteries. It has been proved through many years of experiments to greatly improve the service life of lead-acid batteries. (The technology has been patented)      Now briefly introduce the new method of battery charging-the natural balance charging method.     What is the natural balance method for battery charging? There are two power sources EA and EB. When the power source EA and the power source EB are at the same ambient temperature, the positive pole is connected to the positive pole, and the negative pole is connected to the negative pole. In the closed circuit formed by them, the following relationship exists. If EA Higher than EB, EA will provide EB with a voltage of EA-EBu003dΔE, and at the same time, according to the magnitude of ΔE, provide a Δi current to circulate and infuse the power source EB. When EB absorbs the Δi current provided by EA, EB rises to exactly equal to At EA (in the battery, the battery terminal voltage rises and the charge storage capacity increases), the power supply EA will stop supplying current to the power supply EB, that is, EAu003dEB, ΔEu003d0, Δiu003d0.     In the above description, we replaced EB with a charged battery, and calculated the voltage corresponding to the battery at different depths of discharge and ambient temperature. The EA is carefully designed to be a power supply that can automatically adjust the output voltage and current according to the needs of battery charging balance under different ambient temperatures, and connect it accordingly. In a completely idealized situation, the power supply EA can charge the battery according to the current that the battery can accept at any ambient temperature. After the battery is fully charged, ΔEu003d0, Δiu003d0, the EA power supply will no longer consume power. EA only provides tracking balance compensation for the battery being charged with changes in the ambient temperature. Since the entire process of battery charging is completely automatic, we call it the natural balance method. 
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