Reasons for battery scrap

by:Power Kingdom     2021-07-20

  With the increase in the number of functions of the battery, the discharge capacity continues to shrink. As people have different requirements for the use of the battery, the scrap standard is also different. Generally speaking, if the battery is used normally and the capacity is less than 60% of the rated capacity, it is a scrap battery. Maintenance or repair is required. Due to differences in battery manufacturing conditions and usage methods, the final reasons for battery scrap are also different.

  1. The battery is under-charged for a long time or is not charged in time after discharge;

  2, long-term excessive discharge or deep discharge;

  3, the electrolyte level is too low and the acidity is too high;

  4, the electrolyte density is imbalanced, the composition is impure, and the external temperature changes drastically;

  5, the initial charge of the new battery Incompletely, the active material has not been fully restored;

  6. The battery is left unused for a long time (and there is no regular supplementary power maintenance);

  7. Circuit failure of motor vehicles and electric vehicles and battery damage caused by unmatched chargers;

  8. The actual service life of the battery is close to or reaches the designed service life.

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