Reasons affecting the service life of lead-acid batteries

by:Power Kingdom     2021-04-20
There are many reasons for the lead-acid battery plate to produce lead sulfide crystals, the most common is that the battery is left unused for a long time.   Regardless of whether it is a sealed or unsealed battery, any battery that is scrapped due to various reasons can be restored. Another example is severe over-discharge, which will cause lead-acid battery plates to produce lead sulfide crystals on a large area and be scrapped. For example, if you forget to turn off the car lights and turn them on all night, it is fatal to motorcycle batteries. Dissecting these fully sealed lead-acid batteries, it can be seen that the white lead sulfate crystals have tightly bonded the two plates together, and they cannot be pulled apart. At this time, each grid has a voltage of two volts (12-volt battery). It is composed of 6 grids in series), and it is now close to zero volts.  In order to extend the life of lead-acid batteries, battery protectors and battery life extenders have been developed. They are electronic products connected to both ends of the battery and powered by the battery. It has low energy consumption.  The reasons that affect the service life of lead-acid batteries are nothing more than two aspects:   1) Lead-acid batteries have strict requirements on their charging equipment when the ambient temperature changes. Due to the defects in the design of the charging equipment in the past, the normal service life of the battery was affected.  2) After the lead-acid battery is discharged, due to the inconvenient use of the charging equipment in the past, the user cannot recharge the battery in time, and the damage caused is to greatly shorten the life of the battery.
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