Rapid internalization of lead-acid batteries for energy storage into charging method

by:Power Kingdom     2021-04-23
At present, the production of lead-acid batteries for automobile start-up basically adopts internal formation methods, while valve-regulated sealed lead-acid batteries for energy storage (AGM-VRLA) mostly use battery external formation (slot formation). With new battery technology, The development and application of new materials, especially the environmental protection of lead-acid battery manufacturers, has put forward higher and higher requirements, and the internal formation methods of batteries are also very popular.  Generally, after assembling the raw plate into a battery, the process of adding electrolyte to charge and forming is called 'internal forming'. The process of charging and forming the raw plate with a forming tank is called 'external forming'.   The internal formation of lead-acid batteries has many advantages compared with external formation (slot formation), which simplifies the process flow, plate washing, drying and battery recharge, as well as slot formation, welding, picking and other processes. Save a lot of energy (energy such as water, acid and electricity), staff hours and small plant area. There is no need to purchase chemical conversion tanks, water washing tanks, dry operation of plates, chemical conversion acid mist treatment, sewage treatment environmental protection equipment, and battery costs can be determined. The reduction. In addition, the internal formation process is adopted, and the electrode plates are not easily polluted by impurities, which can reduce battery self-discharge, improve battery consistency, and extend battery life. In addition, the internal formation of the battery reduces the discharge of a large amount of waste water and exhaust gas, thereby reducing environmental pollution. At present, the charging time of AGM-VRLA internal formation method is too long, generally above 100h-140h, which severely restricts the production capacity of enterprises. If the internal formation charging time is shortened, the initial battery capacity will be low. , The problem of short cycle life. The chemical conversion power in the battery is one of the main factors that affect the battery performance. The chemical conversion power is too low, the active material is not fully converted, and the lead dioxide content is low, resulting in poor initial performance of the battery; and the high chemical conversion power, in addition to the increase in energy loss In addition, the temperature rise during the formation process is not easy to control, and the generated gas has a greater impact on the plate, which will affect the battery life.   Therefore, a reasonable setting of the charging current can improve the charging efficiency, reduce the charging time, and reduce the temperature rise and the loss of electrical energy.
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