Question: How to extend the life of solar cells

by:Power Kingdom     2021-06-18
Tags: Question: How to extend the life of solar cells With economic development and the popularization of new energy sources, more and more people pay attention to solar and wind power supply systems. It is not only economical, but also very environmentally friendly. Its principle is to convert solar energy or wind energy into electric current to charge the battery, and then supply power from the battery to the equipment, and so on. The purchase cost of the entire new energy power supply system is the electric energy storage equipment-battery. Then, in addition to achieving the power supply effect, extending the life of the solar battery is the ultimate goal of the user. 1. Every lead-acid battery is its service life. Under normal circumstances, the depth of discharge of the battery each time does not exceed 20% of the battery capacity, then the number of times the battery is used will be optimal. Therefore, it is recommended that factors should be considered first when designing battery capacity. 2. The ambient temperature of the battery. The capacity and life of the battery are affected by parameters such as charging voltage and ambient temperature. Therefore, an important principle for using this type of battery is to use the correct charging method. The charging voltage refers to the ambient temperature of 25 ℃, when the ambient temperature occurs When there is a large change, the charging voltage should be adjusted accordingly. The method is: ▪ For every 1°C increase in the ambient temperature, the charging voltage decreases by 0.003V/cell; ▪ For every 1°C drop in the ambient temperature, the charging voltage increases by 0.003V/cell; If the temperature changes more than 10°C without correcting the float voltage, the battery may be damaged. It is best to use the battery to work within the range of 20-25°C and install it in an air-conditioned room.
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