Q: What is the charge acceptance capacity of lead-acid batteries

by:Power Kingdom     2021-06-27
Label: Q: What is the charge acceptance capacity of a lead-acid battery? Answer: The amount of charge that a lead-acid battery can accept per unit time under the specified charging voltage and current conditions. The battery user is very important. If the ability to accept the charge is very poor, it takes 8-10 hours, or even more time, and the ratio of the discharge operation to the charging time exceeds 1: (4 ~ 5), then the battery will remove the charging time and dry Nothing. It is required that the battery charging capacity is extremely strong and fast, so as to meet the needs of users. If the charging speed reaches 1: (0.1 ~ 0.25) or even faster, it is ideal, and it can charge enough electricity in a short time of day.
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