Q: Is the UPS power supply important? Answer: Important. Today, I will tell you why you need to use ups power supply.

by:Power Kingdom     2021-06-15

Due to the complexity of the power supply network and the load, as well as the impact of natural lightning strikes, ground electricity, etc., the AC power supplying the load is not a stable standard sine wave, and various undesirable phenomena will occur. Experts will These mains problems are classified as follows:

1. Continuous high voltage or low voltage (caused by the poor regulation ability of the power transformer, the voltage drops when the load is heavy);

2. Power surge Surge (caused by the shutdown of large load equipment or lightning strike): The voltage is higher than 110% of the rated value and lasts for one or more cycles.

3. Wave sag (large load equipment idling, power grid switching): voltage 80-85% rated value, lasting one or more cycles;

4. High-voltage spikes (Caused by lightning, electronic switch work, electric welding equipment, electrostatic discharge, etc.), the voltage peak is as high as 6000V, and the duration is generally 0.5-5 cycles;

5. High voltage transient (by lightning, electronic Switch work, electric welding equipment, electrostatic discharge, etc.): the peak voltage is as high as 20000V, and the duration is 0.5-5 cycles;

6. Harmonic electronic interference (by motors, relays, broadcasting equipment, wireless RFI, EMI generated by communication equipment, microwave communication equipment, electric welding machines, etc.);

7. Frequency drift (caused by small hydropower, generators);

8. Power failure (air Switch tripped, electronic switchboard failure): Zero voltage lasts for more than 2 cycles. For precision load equipment, such as the computer network of the financial system, the trading computer of the securities company, microwave communications, medical equipment, industrial control equipment, etc., the above-mentioned mains problems will cause data loss, equipment damage or crash, and stop working, etc. The normal work of the user.

In view of the above reasons, in order to prevent major accidents, battery fires, and equipment failures in the machine room, it is recommended that the machine room must be equipped with ups power supplies

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